About us

GreenTec is your technology specialist for green-area maintenance and stubble management.


We represent two strong brands:

  • GreenTec machinery. High quality cutting attachment tools for maintanence of verges, hedges and windbreaks and attachment frames for a variety of carrier vehicles and loaders.
  • Spearhead provides sophisticated technology for professional contractors, municipalities, commercial establishments, military and airports.


GreenTec A/S is
Manufacturer of GreenTec Machinery.
Retailer of Spearhead Machinery in central Europe, Scandinivia and the Baltic countries.


GreenTec - Cutting Edge Technology




CVR/VAT No: 76546614

BIC/Swift code: DABADEHH
IBAN: DE84203205004873004932
Name of Bank: Danske Bank A/S, Gravene 2, DK-6100 Haderslev