Entreprenørgården saves times by using new hedge mulcher

Entreprenørgården saves times by using new hedge mulcher

Entreprenørgården has invested in a new hedge mulcher machine from the Danish machine manufacturer GreenTec. 

Entreprenørgården consists of 36 employees and is responsible for 1,500 km of roads in the municipality of Aabenraa, Denmark. "Efficiency is crucial when you are dealing with large areas as we do. Therefore, we are constantly looking for the latest solutions in the market, so we can optimize our business", says Søren Nielsen who is the Operations Manager of Entreprenørgården.


Previously, Entreprenørgården used a quadsaw to cut hedgerows in the municipality and a rotary crusher to remove the cut-off material. "The quadsaw has a smooth cut and a large working width. However, it leaves the cut-off material on the ground. Therefore, we had to use another machine to crush the cut-off material afterwards. It was a slow and expensive solution as we had to invest in two machines and spent time on cutting the hedgerows and removing the cut-off material afterwards", says Søren Nielsen.


A few years ago, Entreprenørgården considered investing in a hedge cutter with a 1.6 m working width. The advantage of the hedge cutter is that it does everything in one workflow. It cuts branches up to 4 cm and pulverizes the cut-off material simultaneously, so you only need one machine for hedge cutting. "The hedge cutter has a limited working width of 1.6m. Therefore, you need 3 workflows to cut a standard hedgerow with a height of 4.5 m", says Søren Nielsen.


33% time saving with the use of new hedge mulcher machine

"The 1.6 m working width was inefficient, so we collaborated with GreenTec to develop a hedge cutter with a higher capacity", says Søren Nielsen. The result of the cooperation was a 2.3 m hedge mulcher that cuts branches up to 4 cm in thickness and crushes the cut-off material in one operation. "We have been using the hedge mulcher for about two months now and we are really excited about the machine. We save a lot of time, as we only need to use 2 workflows to cut a hedgerow of 4.5 m instead of 3 workflows. That is an estimated saving of 33%”, continues Søren Nielsen.


Everything goes a bit faster at Entreprenørgården which has four Unimog trucks to drive around and maintain the infrastructure in the municipality. Unimog trucks have a higher forward speed than tool carriers and tractors which means that Entreprenørgården easily can move around and complete tasks in the municipality. "Right now, we have one man dedicated to driving the hedge mulcher machine. We expect him to spend 2-3 months every year on cutting hedgerows in the municipality", says Søren Nielsen.


"Entreprenørgården has been an important partner for us, as they have been involved in the development process for the new hedge mulcher. Entreprenørgården tested the machine before it launched to the market where we received feedback and adjusted details. Currently, we have high demand among municipalities that want efficiency and low costs", says Kim Brodersen from GreenTec.


This article was published on 12-01 2018

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