GreenTec receives Danish Industry’s initiative award in the Triangle Region

GreenTec receives Danish Industry’s initiative award in the Triangle Region

We are very honored to receive Danish Industry’s initiative award in the Triangle area.


The prize is awarded as a tribute to the desire for action, creativity and innovation among small and medium-sized companies that are members of Danish Industry.


Despite the Corona pandemic, we have had a fantastic year at GreenTec with the launch of our own Scorpion boom mower. We remained optimistic when the crisis hit and build machines for storage in our manufacturing facilities in Kolding, Denmark.


The contact with the subcontractors was nurtured, expanded and optimized down to the smallest detail. Among other things, agreements were entered with local subcontractors that use robot welding which reinforced our supply chain and yielded a cost-effective and uniform result.


Manufacturing of the bodies for GreenTec's Scorpion boom mowers


We began to see the effect of the offensive strategy during our peak season which is in the summer months. The orders kept rolling in and the machines were pulled off the shelves.


Carsten Kind is the chairman of the Danish Industry in the Triangle Region and has stated the following:


“GreenTec A/S is a really good example of - and a role model for - many of the small and medium-sized companies in the Triangle Region. It is impressive how good management and skilled strategic choices have created a stronger company despite the crisis. This is important when times are rough as it creates valuable jobs and good export earnings for the country.”


This also means that GreenTec is one of the candidates to win Danish Industry’s national initiative award, which will be presented in the spring of 2021.

This article was published on 10-12 2020

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