GreenTec is still going strong

GreenTec is still going strong

Although the Corona virus is tormenting the world, we still keep the wheels turning at GreenTec where both sales and production runs undeterred.


However, we take our precautions for both employees and the surrounding environment. Received goods are in quarantine for 48 hours, white-collared employees are working from home and hand sanitizers are used in all departments.


Scorpion boom mowers are being manufactured at GreenTec


We are grateful and excited about the great demand our new Scorpion boom mowers have received from the market. We will do our best to meet the promised delivery dates. However, there may be longer lead times for individual components which makes the manufacturing process longer.


Production of HXF multi carriers


We are also busy with manufacturing our HXF multi carriers and attachment tools for grass mowing, hedge trimming and tree cutting.

This article was published on 03-04 2020

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