Guildwood Farms Inc. becomes GreenTec's importer in Canada

Guildwood Farms Inc. becomes GreenTec's importer in Canada

GreenTec has been in the Canadian market since 2015 and dealers and end users have come to know the products as reliable and productive additions to their fleets.


Recently GreenTec advertised that they were looking for a new importer to Canada and Matt Langford from Guildwood Farms Inc. inquired and subsequently entered into an agreement to serve the Canadian market as GreenTec’s importer.


See Matt's statement below:


I am a farmer from the London, Ontario area and we spend time each winter maintaining tree lines along our fields. We have tried everything from walking with a chain saw to loader-mounted chain saws, flail mowers and hiring mulchers to try to accomplish this task.


I was impressed by the concept of GreenTec’s HXF and Quadsaw products and I am equally impressed by the rest of the product offering.


Matt Langford from Guildwood Farms Inc.


I am committed to quick and professional service when it comes to quotes and parts. I will maintain an inventory of machines and parts in the London area and work to get those to Dealers efficiently. I am encouraged by the past sales of GreenTec products in Canada and would like to continue serving existing dealers and add dealers in underserved areas of the country.


My experience with equipment includes a diverse background of farming, working as an excavating contractor and selling equipment to farms, contractors and municipalities. In business, I operated an insurance agency for 12 years serving the needs of local clients including farms and businesses. I am committed to helping dealers serve their customers!


Over the next month, I will be contacting dealers to talk about their experience with GreenTec products and their plans for the future with us and with GreenTec products. If you have any immediate questions or if you are looking for parts or quotes please contact me anytime.


Thank you,
Matt Langford

Guildwood Farms Inc.
[email protected]


This article was published on 04-03 2021

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