High score for Spearhead Stubble Master 730

High score for Spearhead Stubble Master 730

Greentec A/S have recently taken part in the annual Danish Forage Excursion which looks at how well manufacturers produce mowers for the mulching of stubble for stubble management.

The yearly event was held at Korsvang Farm near Darum, Denmark and Greentec A/S took along a Spearhead Stubble Master 730. This 7.3m rotary topper participated in a number of experiments looking at the mulching of corn stubble and stalk residue.

Toppers were marked out of 10 (10 being most stubble visible and 1 being least stubble visible) on the percentage of stubble visible after sowing once they had looked at the reduction of whole stems mulched with the Stubble Master 730 scoring an impressive score of 2.

For more information on the Stubble Master 730 please visit: https://greentec.eu/en/product/stubble-master-730

This article was published on 15-06 2015

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