Meet GreenTec at GaLaBau in hall 6 - stand 239

Meet GreenTec at GaLaBau in hall 6 - stand 239

GreenTec presents a wide selection of machines and attachment tools at the GaLaBau exhibition which is held in Nürnberg, Germany on September 12 - 15. The exhibition is aimed at the municipal segment and is the largest machinery exhibition in its field.


At GreenTec’s stand you can experience:

Twiga FLEX 6000

Twiga COMPACT 420

Twiga COMPACT 360

Multi Carrier HXF 2802

Multi Carrier HXF 3302

Trident 4000 Park


Additionally, we also bring a wide range of tools:

Rotary Mulcher RM 232

Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102

Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 132

Quadsaw LRS 1402

Quadsaw LRS 1602

Quadsaw LRS 2002

Quadsaw LRS 2402

Cutterbar HX 230

Flailhead MP 90

Flailhead MP 120

Barrier Mower RI 80

Weed Clearing Brush BR 70

This article was published on 18-07 2018

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