New employee in Service - Peter Skov

New employee in Service - Peter Skov

We would like to welcome Peter Skov to the GreenTec team. Peter is our new employee in Service who is ready to help customers with technical issues and handle complaint cases.


Peter has an education as Agricultural and Construction Smith. Afterwards, he took an education as Flight Mechanic in the National Defense (F-16 weapons specialist).


In the National Defense, he has taken an agricultural education and agricultural technician education with machinery and constructions as a specialty. Afterwards, he worked in the Development department at Dal-bo machine factory with construction and drawing of agricultural machinery for 5 years. Later, he became an educator at Riberkjærgård Agricultural School for 5 years where he completed his teacher training course. Due to his hobby in Viking forging, he was hired at Ribe VikingeCenter as a smith, farmer and teacher at a production school. After 7 years, he returned to the National Defense as a Flight Mechanic and part-time instructor for hydraulic specialists and liquid oxygen.


Peter lives with his wife Anita at a small farm in Rødding, Denmark. They have three adult children. In his spare time, he enjoys to do Viking forging and diving.

This article was published on 05-01 2018

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