Steep slope mowing with GreenTec machines

Steep slope mowing with GreenTec machines

The Lautergrund Rehabilitation Clinic has purchased GreenTec machines for maintaining green areas and mowing slopes next to the road.


Boom mower working in difficult conditions with steep slopes


Previously, the workers at the clinic had to use handheld brush cutters to maintain the areas close to the road. It was a quite difficult task due to how steep the slopes are.


Professional slope mowing with GreenTec machines


The customer is very satisfied with his newly acquired GreenTec Boom Mower Scorpion 330 S BASIC FRONT and Flail Mower FR 92. They praise the flexibility and the low noise level of the machines. “Our expectations have been exceeded”, said a representative from the Lautergrund Rehabilitation Clinic.


Boom mower mounted on Liebherr 506 Compact Loader


The machines were purchased through Farmtec which is one of GreenTec’s importers in the Bavarian area in Germany.


Maintenance of green areas with GreenTec machines

This article was published on 18-05 2022

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