• Right – left working, 220° turning of the arm
  • Continuous duty Load Sensing hydraulic system
  • Mechanical arm geometry
  • Front or rear mount


22 tools can be attached to Twiga OrbitalThe Twiga Orbital series has a working width of 6,0 to 8,3 mThe Twiga Orbital series has a vertical reach of 7,6 to 9,5 mThe Twiga Orbital series requires a minimum tractor weight of 6000 to 7500 kg


Ditch mower for tractor


Spearhead offers a complete series of reach mowers with a working range of 180º/220º right/left. Twiga ORBITAL covers a large working range from slopes, ditches and verges on roads and highways. Various tools can be attached to Twiga Orbital which can be used for grass mowing or hedge trimming.


Further advantages with autopilot (optional equipment), is the automatic height-adjustment. 


The Twiga ORBITAL is available in 3 variations: front, combi or rear mounted.


Horizontal reach from 6.0 to 8.3 m. 


Technical data: 7000 7000 LR 7000 T 7000 LRT
Reach horizontal* 6.0 m 6.8 m 7.2 m 8.3 m
Reach vertical* 7.6 m 8.3 m 8.9 m 9.5 m
Transport width 2.5 m 2.5 m 2.5 m 2.5 m
Weight without tool 1.725 kg 1.780 kg 1.880 kg 1.950 kg
Minimum tractor requirements (rear mounted) 6.000 kg 6.000 kg 6.500 kg 7.500 kg

* Reach varies depending on attachment tool

Standard Equipment
Danfoss Electric Proportional joystick controls
80 HP Load Sensing hydraulic system with oil cooler
Rotor Flex, double turning joint with 180° turn of attachment tool and 180° turn of cutting angle incl. Auto Flex
Mechanical arm geometry with APS
220º hydraulic rotation of the arm with Power Steering
PTO, 280 l hydraulic oil and LED lights.
Dual oil flow contol - switch oil flow for different working tools
Float head angle (see more under technical information)

Optional Equipment
Autopilot (see more under technical information)
Arm float (see more under technical information)
Hydraulic quick release coupling
Mechanical quick release coupling
Hydraulic arm geometry
Mounting plate for counterweight
Counterweight 460 kg
Bio oil 220 l.
Rotary Mulcher RM 232
Cut and pulverize in a single pass, with a working width of 2.3 m (7'7")
Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 162
Cut and chop in a single pass, with a working width of 1.6 m (5'3")
Quadsaw LRS 2002
Quadsaw with a working width of 2 m (6'7")
Quadsaw LRS 2402
Quadsaw with a working width of 2.4 m (7’10”)
Cutterbar HX 170 - 270
Extremely powerful and effective finger bar hedge cutters
Cutterbar HS 200
Heavy duty cutterbar for hedge cutting
Cutterbar HL 152 - 242
Fast and easy maintenance of hedges. Cut branches up to 4 cm (1.6”) in thickness
Rotary Crusher GT 135 & 155
Designed for extreme conditions with tree stumps and rocks
Flailhead MP 120 - 160
Perfect cutting results and low maintenance costs.
Flailhead HD 120
For crushing of scrub, hedges, branches, ect.
Weed Clearing Brush BR 70 & 90
Effective cleaning of streets and roads
Rotary Ditch Cleaner GR 70
Cleans small ditches and streams
Rotary Rake KR 250
This rake can reach cut-off grass in slopes, waterbeds and streams
Grass Cutterbar S 165 - 240
Used for grass mowing in inaccessible areas
997000OH 997000OH
Twiga Orbital 7000, Rear
997001OH 997001OH
Twiga Orbital 7000 Tele, Rear
997003OH 997003OH
Twiga Orbital 7000 LR Tele, Rear
996000OF 996000OF
Twiga Orbital 6000, Front
997000OF 997000OF
Twiga Orbital 7000, Front
997002OF 997002OF
Twiga Orbital 7000 LR, Front
997001OF 997001OF
Twiga Orbital 7000 Tele, Front
997003OF 997003OF
Twiga Orbital 7000 LR Tele, Front
996001OH 996001OH
Twiga ORBITAL 6000T, Rear
996001OF 996001OF
Twiga Orbital 6000 Tele front
9961171OBF 9961171OBF
Twiga Orbital Basic 6000 Tele Front
997173OH 997173OH
Twiga Orbital 7000 LR T, rear
995170OCF 995170OCF
Twiga Orbital Combi 5000 Front
997172OH 997172OH
Twiga Orbital 7000 LR, Rear
9961171OBCF 9961171OBCF
996171OF 996171OF
Twiga Orbital 6000 Tele, Front

Twiga ORBITAL is offered as a front and rear mount, and works 220º to the left and right. With the Rotor Flex the tool can be positioned at almost any angle. Reach from 6.0 to 8.3 m.


Twiga Orbital Arm movements






Parallel arm geometry:

Mechanical parallel arm is standard on the Twiga Orbital. The operation of the machine is a lot easier, because you only need to operate one valve to change the reach. 

Parallel arm geometry



The build of the arm

The arm is built in 6/8 mm spring steel in preparation to make an optimal strength in proportion to the material use. When there is use for extra strength the arm is stronger build and there are lamellas as inside strengthening to reduce the wrench. 

The build of the arm



Floats (extra equipment): 
By verge mowing are floats of the arm and cutting angle recommend. It makes it easier for the driver and unnecessary wear are avoided. 

Arm floats




Autopilot (automatic hight adjustment) (optional equipment)
The Autopilot automatically steers the height adjustment, giving the perfect ground adaption. Height variation sends a signal through the parallelogramm between the flailhead and the arm to the hydraulic valve, making the arm raise or be lowered down. This ensures an even weight on the flailhead and reduces wear and maintenance costs. The Autopilot makes the job easier for the driver.




Perfect ground adaption