MultiCut 200




  • Designed for professional use
  • MultiCut blade system with suction from HD blades
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Power Drive driveline with overload protection
  • Optimal quality of work and high performance


MultiCut 200 has a working width of 2.00 mMultiCut 200 has 1 rotor and 3 blades per rotorMultiCut 200 requires a minimum tractor power of 50 hpMultiCut 200 weighs 610 kg


Finishing mower for tractor


Spearhead rotary swipes are designed for professional use in forests and scrubland. Their heavy weight construction and top quality gearbox brings confidence that low priced competitors cannot offer.


Support wheel

As a standard the MultiCut 200 is delivered with a 5.00 x 8 HD support wheel.


Height adjustment

Simple adjustment of the machines cutting height. From 50 to 350 mm.


95 HP rotor gearbox 

An extremely powerful rotor gearbox distributes power from the tractor to the machines blade system.


Floating three point linkage

Floating three point linkage follow ground undulations and leaves a perfect cut - Even in rough conditions.


Safety curtain

Safety chain curtains in the back and front stop flying objects.


Skid kits

Both sides of the machine are fitted with interchangeable skid kits, that along with the anti scalp rotor protection plate ensures that the rotor blades do not hit the ground.



Simple and robust construction and a functional design provides optimal strength.


Slip clutch

The gearboxes are protected against overload by a very powerful slip clutch.


MultiCut blade system

3 powerful "High Lift" blades leaves a perfect cutting result with excellent chopping and schredding of cut-off material. The blades are equipped with anti scalp protection dishes, that prevents the blades from touching the ground.

Technical data MultiCut 200
Working width 2.00 m
Total width 2.12 m
Cutting height 10-350 mm
Tractor power required  50 hp
Number of rotors / blades 1 rotor / 3 blades
PTO speed 540 rpm 
Gearbox rating 110 hp
HD support wheel 1 pcs 5.00 x 8
Forward speed max. 15 km/t
Capacity 1.0 - 2.0 ha/h
Weight 610 kg


Standard Equipment
Rearmount 540 rpm
Anti scalp protection dish
Overrun PTO protection
Three point linkage Kat l

Optional Equipment
Front mount 800 rpm
Chain blades
30 cm mechanical sideshift

Three-blade configuration

The large three-blade option has been designed for maintaining dense vetegation. The three boron steel updraft blades lift material into the cutting zone creating a clean cut in all conditions.Integrated skid pans help protect the blades and rotors from hidden obstacles for extended life.

three blade configuration

3-chain cutting system

The chains are used where there are many stones in the grass / shrubbery

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MultiCut 200