Flailhead MP 120 - 160




  • Double spiral rotor with many advantages
  • Strong rotor bearings
  • 150 mm rear roller
  • Double deck
  • Adjustable front hood


Flailhead MP 120, 150 and 160 have a working width of 1.2, 1.5 and 1.6 m., respectivelyFlailhead MP 120, 150 and 160 can cut through branches of up to 35 mm. in thicknessFlailhead MP 120, 150 and 160's maximum labor speed is 6, 5 and 5 km/h.Flailhead MP 120, 150 and 160 weigh 340, 380 and 410 kg., respectively


Flail mower attachment for excavator and tractor


Innovative solutions and years of experience is behind the development of Spearhead's flailhead. Perfect cutting results and low maintenance costs are the result. The flail mower attachments have a working width between 1.2 and 1.6 m and can handle branches up to 35 mm in thickness. The flail mowers of the MP series can be attached to excavator or tractors through a reach arm.


You can choose freely between a variety of flails that are specifically designed for hedge and branch cutting, grass mowing or rough terrain with stones.

Chasis of flail mower attachment

1. Double spiral rotorDouble spiral rotor

  • Better quality finish
  • Faster forward mowing speed
  • Uniform flow, rotor load and cut
  • Less power requirement and longer lifespan


2. Strong rotor bearings

  • Special lubrication system where the grease is pressed from the inside through the strong bearings


3. 150 mm rear roller

  • Replaceable bearing housings with large diameter (large slide areas)
  • Dual bearings with inside lubrication
  • Rear roller bracket is centered on the rotor center. This always allows the shortest distance from flails to the rear roller
    (flails cleans the rear roller)


4. Double deck

  • Strong construction
  • No external dents
  • Replaceable inner shield


5. Adjustable front hood

  • Equipped with rubber flap kit, front and rear


6. Hydraulic drive

  • Motor with anti-cavitation valve
  • Optional choice of belt or direct drive.



The Flailhead series fit the following GreenTec and Spearhead machines:


  MP 90 MP 120 MP 150 MP 160
Multi Carrier HXF 2302        
HXF 2802        
HXF 3302        
Twiga Reach Mower Twiga COMPACT Check mark      
Twiga MID   Check mark Check mark  
Twiga PRO   Check mark Check mark  
Twiga FLEX   Check mark Check mark Check mark
Twiga BASIC        
Twiga ORBITAL   Check mark Check mark Check mark
Twiga COMBI   Check mark Check mark Check mark


Tecnical data MP 120 MP 150 MP 160
Working width 1.20 m 1.5 m ​1.6 m
Total width (Belt drive) 1.5 m 1.8 m 1.9 m
Total width (Direct drive) 1.6 m 1.9 m -
Number of flails 28 pcs 36 pcs 40 pcs
Weight 340 kg 380 kg 410 kg
60 HP motor (Twiga MID) Option Option -
80 HP motor (Twiga FLEX, COMBI og ORBITAL) Option Option Option
85 HP motor (Twiga PRO) Option Option Option
Hydraulic height adjustment Ekstra Ekstra -
Transport band Ekstra - -
Rubber rear roller Ekstra Ekstra  


Standard Equipment
Belt drive
150 mm rear roll
Double deck
Double spiral rotor

Optional Equipment
Direct drive (only 60 & 80 hp models)
Rubber rear roller (OPTE574)
Transport band (only MP120 with direct drive) (OPTE544)
Valve double rotor direction
Quick coupling hydraulic Twiga 4-6000 (OPTE965)
Quick coupling hydraulic Twiga MID (OPTE970)
Quick coupling hydraulic PRO/FLEX (OPTE966)

Brackets – click to enlarge the drawings
Quick coupling mech. MP (OPTE988)



C flailC FLAIL (standard):
Recommended for light hedge trimming (3-4 cm) and grass mowing. Leaves a perfect cut.






T flailT FLAIL (free option):
Recommended for hedge cutting 6-7 cm, reduced capacity in grass.










L flailL FLAIL (free option):
Boot flail mounted in shackles. Recommended for areas with lots of stone along with hedge and branches.






Y flailY FLAIL (free option):
Back to back flail. Recommende for rough and stony terrain, where cutting quality is of little or no importance. Large capacity but cutting of poorer quality.





Nordic flail

NORDIC FLAIL (free option): 

 Good for light hedge trimming (3-4 cm) and grass mowing. Leaves a perfect cut.

9991200LR 9991200LR
MP 120G Flailhead, 56 HP beltdrive
9991201LR 9991201LR
MP 120P Flailhead, 76 HP Beltdrive
9991202LR 9991202LR
MP 120HP Flailhead, 85 HP High Pressure
9991200LD 9991200LD
MP 120GD Flailhead, 56 HP Directdrive
9991201LD 9991201LD
MP 120PD Flailhead, 76 HP Direktdrive
9991500LR 9991500LR
MP 150G Flailhead, 56 HP beltdrive
9991501LR 9991501LR
MP 150P Flailhead, 76 HP beltdrive
9991502LR 9991502LR
MP 150HP Flailhead, 85 HP High Pressure
9991500LD 9991500LD
MP 150GD Flailhead, 56 HP Directdrive
9991501LD 9991501LD
MP 150PD Flailhead, 76 HP Directdrive
9991201RR 9991201RR
MP 120 Flailhead, RH 80 HP beltdrive