Trident 15 - 21 Park




  • Perfect mowing results
  • Large capacity
  • Low repair costs


Trident 15, 18 and 21 Park have a working width of 1.5, 1.8 and 2.1 m, respectivelyFlail mowers Trident 15 - 21 Park have a double-spiral rotorTrident 15, 18 and 21 Park have a power requirement of 40 - 50 hpTrident 15, 18 and 21 Park weigh 360, 400 and 420 kg, respectively


Front or rear mounted flail mowers for small tractors and Municipal vehicles


The Spearhead Trident Park Flail Mower series consists of front or rear mounted flail mowers for small tractors that is specially developed for the professional user – robust built with long service life.


Trident Park series is specially developed for park, sports and green area maintenance. The quality of the work is comparable with a reel mower. Due to the robust build of the machine it easily works on surfaces with thick growth that only are cut once or twice a year.



Hydraulic offset with 3-point linkage

As an option the machine can be delivered with a 300 mm hydraulic offset and double 3-point linkage. This makes maneuvering around trees, signs etc. very easy. Front and rear mount is possible due to the PTO shaft construction.



All models are equipped with a spiral rotor which brings many benefits:


  • Stable rotor load
  • Uniform cut results
  • Faster forward move
  • Lower power requirement
  • Lower repair costs
  • Effective under difficult conditions

double-spiral rotor


Technical data 15 Park 18 Park 21 Park
Working width 1.50 m 1.80 m 2.10 m
Transport width 1.80 m 2.15 m 2.45 m
Minimum requirements 40 hp 45 hp 50 hp
Gearbox dim 75 hp 75 hp 75 hp
Weight 360 kg 400 kg 420 kg



Standard Equipment
Three point Cat. 1
Front or rear mounted
Universal flail
Optional 540 or 1000 rpm PTO
Double spiral rotor
Mechanical offset
Rubber guard front and rear
Double skin body
Overrun clutch and PTO


Standard Equipment
Double spiral rotor, stable flow
Three point Cat. 1
Double skin body
Rear mounted
Front mounted
Mechanical offset
Rubber guard front and rear
Overrun clutch and PTO
Universal flail
540 RPM
1000 RPM

Optional Equipment
300 mm hydraulic offset incl. double three point linkage (Cat. 1)
300 mm hydraulic offset incl. double three point linkage (Cat. 2)
Three-point Cat. 2
Wire scrapers
F-flail and inner skin
Telescope top-bar Cat. 1
Telescope top-bar Cat. 2
Support wheels, adjustable (Not possible on Park 15 in conjunction with mechanical offset)
Hydraulic drive
Rounded rear roll
9715002R 9715002R
Trident 15 Park, right
9715002L 9715002L
Trident 15 Park, left
9718002R 9718002R
Trident 18 Park, right
9718002L 9718002L
Trident 18 Park, left
9718021R 9718021R
Trident 21 Park, right
9718021L 9718021L
Trident 21 Park, left