Flailhead HD 120




  • Crushes and shreds branches
  • Free hanging "Hammer" flails that diverts from obstacles
  • Wide application: grass, bushes and branches


Flailhead HD 120 has a working width of 1.2 m.Flailhead HD 120 can cut through branches up to 5 cm in thicknessFlailhead HD 120's maximum labor speed is 3 km/h.Flailhead HD 120 weighs 365 kg.


Flail mower for tractor and excavator


The Spearhead HD 120 is a very powerful flail mower for tractors and excavators that is well suited for crushing bushes, branches as well as hedge cutting. Branches up to 5 cm thickness are crushed and shredded. The flail mower can be attached to excavators or mounted on a tractor through Spearhead Twiga Reach Mowers. The rotor is fitted with very powerful hammer flails that can rotate 360°.



The Spearhead HD 120 fits the following GreenTec and Spearhead machines:


  HD 120
Multi Carrier HXF 2302  
HXF 2802  
HXF 3302  
Twiga Reach Mower Twiga COMPACT  
Twiga MID  
Twiga PRO Check mark
Twiga FLEX Check mark
Twiga BASIC  
Twiga ORBITAL Check mark
Twiga COMBI Check mark


Technical data HD 120 (56 HP light gear) HD 120 (80 HP Piston)
Working width 1.2 m 1.2 m
Rotor rotations 2700 rpm 2700 rpm
Free hanging hammer flails 360o 360o
Branch thickness max 5 cm 5 cm
Oil flow 85 l/min 85 l/min
Weight 365 kg 365 kg


Standard Equipment
Belt drive
Double deck
rear roll

Optional Equipment
Hydraulic quick release
Mechanical quick release
Valve for dual rotor direction
9991200HD 9991200HD
HD 120 Flailhead, 56 HP beltdrive
9991201HD 9991201HD
HD 120 Flailhead, 80 HP beltdrive
9991201HDG 9991201HDG
HDG 120 HD Flailhead, 80 HP beltdrive