Trident 2000 - 2800 HD




  • HD: Heavy Duty machine
  • Double spiral rotor
  • Wide range of application
  • Wide range of tools


The Trident 2000 - 2800 HD series has a working width between 1.95 to 2.65 mTrident  2000 - 2800 HD have a double-spiral rotorTrident 2000 - 2800 HD have a power requirement of 50 - 70 hpTrident 2000 - 2800 HD weigh between 730 - 860 kg


Heavy duty flail mower


Spearhead Trident 2000 - 28000 HD is a series of heavy duty flail mower developed for extreme conditions where a perfect finish is required. A very powerful construction gives the machine a long lifetime and the special developed flails mounted on a double spiral-rotor gives a perfect result and a very high capacity with a low effect requirement. 


Trident Heavy Duty fits tractors between 60 and 120 HP and are delivered in working widths of 2.0 m, 2.5 m and 2.8 m. Opportunity for front or rear mount.


Mechanical offset is standard. As an option a 700 mm hydraulic offset is available, providing a flexibility to cut “in line” or offset. This option includes a double three-point linkage.  


The cutting height is stepless adjustable and controlled by a support ram or by support wheels if you choose it as additional equipment.


Simple and robust design combined with the newest production-technology where only the best materials are used – it will make sure of a problem-free driving and the machine will have a long lifetime. 



Range of application:


  • Fallow, meadows, corn and stubble fields
  • Industrial and municipal
  • Plantations and forest maintenance
  • Underwood and light woods



All models are equipped with a double-spiral rotor which will bring many benefits:

  • Stable rotor load
  • Uniform cut results
  • Faster forward move
  • Lower power requirement
  • Lower repair costs
  • Effective under difficult conditions

Double-spiral rotor

Technical data 2000 HD 2500 HD 2800 HD
Working width 1.95 m 2.45 m 2.65 m
Transport width 2.30 m 2.80 m 2.65 m
Gearbox dimension 125 hp 125 hp 125 hp
Minimum power requirement  50 hp 60 hp 70 hp
Weight 730 kg 814 kg 860 kg



Standard Equipment
Rear mounted
1-3/8-6 spline PTO
Optional 540 or 1000 rpm PTO
Offset mechanical
Double deck
Front rubber flap kit
Front mount
Overrun clutch
Double-spiral rotor
Double wheel


Standard Equipment
Optional 540 or 1000 rpm PTO
Double-spiral rotor
Double wheel
1-3/8-6 spline PTO
Offset mechanical
Front rubber flap kit
1-3/8-21 spline PTO
Rear mount

Optional Equipment
Rear rubber flap kit
Hydraulic drive, 85 l/min
Hydraulic drive, 120 l/min
Front mounted (free option)
Support wheels
700 mm hydraulic offset
9720002R 9720002R
Trident 2000 HD, right
9720002L 9720002L
Trident 2000 HD, left
9725002R 9725002R
Trident 2500 HD, right
9725002L 9725002L
Trident 2500 HD, left
9728002R 9728002R
Trident 2800 HD, right
9728002L 9728002L
Trident 2800 HD, left