Flailhead MP 90




  • Double spiral rotor
  • Low weight of 125 kg
  • Different flail options
  • Adjustable front
  • Oil flow 40 l/min


Fiailhead MP 90 has a working width of 0.9 m.Flailhead MP 90's maximum labor speed is 4 km/h.Flailhead MP 90 weighs 125 kg.


Hydraulic flail mower for mini excavator and compact tractor


The flail mower with spiral rotor and cantilevered flails ensures a perfect mowing of the grass. The robust Flailhead MP 90 also crushes smaller branches and twigs with ease.


Free choice of flails adapted for different work conditions. L-flails can crush branches up to 2.5 cm in thickness.


The hydraulic flail mower can be mounted on mini excavators or attached to Spearhead Twiga Compact reach mower which can be mounted on compact tractors.



The Flailhead series fit the following GreenTec and Spearhead machines:


  MP 90 MP 120 MP 150 MP 160
Multi Carrier HXF 2302        
HXF 2802        
HXF 3302        
Twiga Reach Mower Twiga COMPACT Check mark      
Twiga MID   Check mark Check mark  
Twiga PRO   Check mark Check mark  
Twiga FLEX   Check mark Check mark Check mark
Twiga BASIC        
Twiga ORBITAL   Check mark Check mark Check mark
Twiga COMBI   Check mark Check mark Check mark


Technical information Flailhead MP 90
Working width 0.9 m
Branch thickness L- flails 2.5 cm
Branch thickness Y-flails 1.0 cm
Oil flow 40 l/min
Weight 125 kg



Standard Equipment
L-flails or Y-flails
Rubber shield in front and back for protection of stones
Rotor bearings


Standard Equipment
Rubber shield in front and back for protection of stones
Rotor bearings

Optional Equipment
Hydraulic quick release (OPTE913)
Mechanical quick release (OPTE909)


Flailhead MP 90 can be delivered with either Y-flails or L-flails. They are both mounted with shackles. The flails are mounted in a double spiral which provides a uniform flow and load.



L FlailsL FLAILS (free option)

Boot flails mounted in shackles. Recommended for areas with lots of stones along with hedges and branches.









Y FLAILS (free option)

Recommended for rough and stony terrain, where trimming quality is of little or no importance. Large capacity but trimming of a poorer quality.

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MP 90 Flailhead