Cutterbar HS 200




  • Perfect cutting quality of branches and twigs
  • Forward speed = good capacity
  • Cutting Frequency of 60 cuts per minute


Cutterbar HS 200 has a working width of 2.0 m.Cutterbar HS 200 can cut through branches of up to 4,5 cm. in thicknessCutterbar HS 200's maximum labor speed is 2 km/h.Cutterbar HS 200 weighs 130 kg.


Hydraulic hedge trimmer


A very strong and effective heavy duty hydraulic hedge trimmer used for cutting back trees and bushes. Clean cut and working speed of up to 2 km/h.



The Cutterbar HS 200 fits the following GreenTec and Spearhead machines:


  HS 200
Multi Carrier HXF 2302  
HXF 2802  
HXF 3302 Check mark
Twiga Reach Mower Twiga COMPACT  
Twiga MID Check mark
Twiga PRO Check mark
Twiga FLEX Check mark
Twiga BASIC Check mark
Twiga ORBITAL Check mark
Twiga COMBI Check mark


Working width 2.0 m
Branch thickness max 4,5 cm
Min. oilflow 45 l/min, max 200 bar
Weight 130 kg


High performance gearbox
60 double strokes pr/min
Soft turn technique
Flow divider
Trimmer bars in Hardox
Overpressure valve
Mechanical quick release
Hydraulic quick release
90° hydraulic slew


 = Standard equipment,    = Optional equipment

Optional Equipment
Flow divider
Hydraulic quickrelease
Mechanical quickrelease
9992200 9992200
Cutterbar HS 200