FF/FL 132 - 262




  • Double spiral rotor
  • Wide range of application


The FF/FL series has a working width from 1.3 to 2.6 mThe FF/FL series has a double-spiral rotorThe FF/FL series has a power requirement of 50 - 120 hpThe FF/FL series weighs from 920 to 1125 kg


Hydraulic offset flail mower


The GreenTec FF/FL series is a hydraulic offset flail mower that is mounted at the rear or front 3-point linkage. Very suitable for cutting slopes, ditches and embankments.

The offset flail mower with hydraulic drive can be used in combination with another front or rear mounted flail mower attached to a reach arm which will acheive a very large capacity. 



The flail mower can be used in the following areas:


  • Roadsides
  • Slopes and ditches
  • Grass fields
  • Fallow, green areas and stubble management
  • Orchards and forest maintenance



All models are equipped with a double-spiral rotor which brings many benefits:


  • Stable rotor load
  • Uniform cut results
  • Faster forward move
  • Lower power requirement
  • Lower repair costs
  • Effective under difficult conditions


Double-spiral rotor


  Front mount Rear mount
TECHNICAL DATA FF 132 FF 162 FL 202 FL 262
Working width 1.3 m 1.6 m 2.0 m 2.6 m
Min. power requirement 50 hp 60 hp 100 hp 120 hp
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanical Mechanical
Gearbox dim. 125 hp 125 hp 125 hp 125 hp
Working area - 50º + 90º - 50º + 90º - 50º + 90º - 50º + 90º
Weight 920 kg 970 kg 1,000 kg 1,125 kg



1-3/8-6 splined PTO
Double-spiral rotor
C Flails
1000 or 540 rpm PTO
550 mm hydraulic offset
Rear or front mount
Mechanical safety break-back (rear mounted)
Hydraulic safety break-back (front mounted)
Overrun clutch
Hydraulic float


 = Standard equipment   = Optional equipment

Standard Equipment
1-3/8-6 not PTO
C Flails
Double-spiral rotor
1000 rpm PTO
540 rpm PTO
550 mm hydraulic offset
Mechanical safety break-back (rear mounted)
Hydraulic safety break-back (front mounted)
FF 132 & 162: Front mount
FL 202 & 262: Rear mount

Optional Equipment
Hydraulic float
9997135F 9997135F
FF 132 HD, Front
9997160F 9997160F
FF 162 HD, Front
9997200 9997200
FL 202 HD, Rear
9997260 9997260
FL 262 HD, Rear