Grass Cutterbar S 165 & 190




  • Hydraulic driven
  • Available as a right or left working
  • Bidux blade system
  • Cuts up to 10 mm Ø


Grass Cutterbar S 165 and 190 have a working width of 1.65 and 1.9 m., respectivelyGrass Cutterbar S 165 and 190's maximum labor speed is 3 km/h.Grass Cutterbar S 165 and 190 weigh 70 and 82 kg., respectively


Sickle bar mower for tractor


The sickle bar mower is used for cutting grass in inaccessible areas where a fine spread and chop of the cut off material is not a demand. The cutterbar is mounted on a reach arm or crane. The cutterbar is mounted with powerful skids on the inside and outside, which also acts as a Inside the mower is a powerful skids, external a little less, which also acts as a straw divider.



The Grass Cutterbar series fit the following GreenTec and Spearhead machines:


  S 165 S 190
Multi Carrier HXF 2302    
HXF 2802    
HXF 3302    
Twiga COMPACT    
Twiga MID Check mark Check mark
Twiga PRO Check mark Check mark
Twiga FLEX Check mark Check mark
Twiga BASIC Check mark  
Twiga ORBITAL Check mark Check mark
Twiga COMBI Check mark Check mark


Technical data S 165 S 190
Working width 1.65 m 1.90 m
Oilflow 34 l/min, max 180 bar 34 l/min, max 180 bar
Weight 70 kg 82 kg
Standard Equipment
Inner skid shoe
Outer skid shoe

Optional Equipment
Adapter brackets incl. flow divider
Hydraulic quick release
Mechanical quick release
9991165 9991165
S 165 hydro cutterbar
9991190 9991190
S 190 hydro cutterbar