Twiga PRO




  • It is easy to mount the machine in the 3-point linkage of the tractor
  • The proportional joystick with mechanical arm geometry makes it straightforward to control the machine
  • The machine has a powerful construction in a functional and simple design which ensures long life and low operating costs
  • Several safety features, such as automatic safety break-back system, oil cooler, and LED lights


24 tools can be mounted on the Twiga PRO seriesTwiga PRO 700 T and 800 T have a horizontal reach of 7.0 and 8.0 m, respectivelyTwiga PRO 700 T and 800 T have a working width of 8.1 and 8.6 m, respectivelyTwiga PRO 700 T and 800 T require a minimum tractor weight of 6000 and 6500 kg, respectively


Reach mower for tractor


The Twiga PRO is an extremely powerful and robust reach mower with a horizontal reach of 7.0 to 8.0 m. The simple construction ensures long life span and low maintenance costs. Hydraulic system with piston pump (85 hp) making it a high capacity machine. A wide range of tools that fulfills almost any requirements.


The Twiga PRO range is aimed at the professional operator and incorporates a number of significant features, including super strength main frame, outstanding arm geometry, internal hose routing and high powered hydraulic system.


Fitted with the Propilot as a standard.



Twiga 700T & 800T


In the Twiga Pro Series, there are two models fitted with telescopic reach, it provides a great flexibility and a huge range. The Twiga PRO Series is constructed in a simple and functional design with many innovative solutions.

With the Twiga PRO Tele series rear axle stabilizer with quick coupler is recommended, which makes the machine stable and an integrated unit of the tractor, that can be mounted and dismounted in a few minutes. Professional solutions for professional customers!


Technical data 700 Tele 800 Tele
Horizontal reach* 7.0 m 8.0 m
Vertical reach 8.1 m 8.6 m
Transport width 2.5 m 2.5 m
Oil tank capacity 220 l 220 l
Totally independent hydraulic system 85 HP 85 HP
Gearbox Cast iron Cast iron
Pump and motor Cast iron Cast iron
Weight w/o tool 1,720 kg 1,850 kg
Tractor requirements 6,000 kg 6,500 kg

* Reach varies depending on attachment tool



Standard Equipment
Innovative construction
Arm mount point
Teflon bushes
Concealed hoses
Telescopic arm for longer reach
Mechanical parallel arm geometry
Easy plug of hydraulic and electric equipment 
AHS, automatic hydraulic security
Pallet fork loading box
Three point linkage mount
ProPilot Electric proportional joystick control
85 hp (tandem pump) independent hydraulic system
Oil cooler
Cushioned top link gives a smooth ride on uneven roads
LED light kit
Float head angle
220 l hydraulic oil
90º hydraulic power steered obstacle control
Cabin protection
Standard Equipment
Innovative construction (more info under technical information)
Arm construction (more info under technical information)
Arm mount point (more info under technical information)
Extra wide Teflon bushes reduce loadings for extended oprating life
Concealed hoses
Teleskopic arms placed behind the arm ensures protection against falling cut off material
Mechanical parallel arm geometry (more info under technical information)
Easy plug of hydraulic and electric equipment
AHS, Automatic hydraulic security (more info under technical information)
Pallet fork loading box
Three point linkage mount
ProPilot Electric proportional joystick control
85 hp (tandem pump) independent hydraulic system
Oil cooler
Cushioned top link gives a smooth ride on uneven roads
LED light kit
Float head angle (more info under technical information)

Optional Equipment
Autopilot (more info under technical information)
Float arm (more info under technical information)
Brackets for grid rail
Hydraulic quick release
Mechanical quick release
Frame for rear axle mount
Rear axle brackets for rear axle mount
Bio oil 220 l.
Rotary Mulcher RM 232
Cut and pulverize in a single pass, with a working width of 2.3 m
Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 162
Cut and chop in a single pass, with a working width of 1.6 m
Quadsaw LRS 1602
Quadsaw with a working width of 1.6 m
Quadsaw LRS 2002
Quadsaw with a working width of 2 m.
Quadsaw LRS 2402
Quadsaw with a working width of 2.4 m
Cutterbar HX 170 - 270
Extremely powerful and effective heavy duty cutterbar for hedge cutting
Cutterbar HS 200
Heavy duty cutterbar for hedge cutting
Cutterbar HL 150 - 240
Cutterbar for maintenance of hedges and fences
Rotary Crusher GT 135 & 155
For extreme conditions where there are large stumps, rocks or the like
Flailhead MP 120 - 160
Perfect cutting results and low maintenance costs.
Flailhead HD 120
For crushing of scrub, hedges, branches, ect.
Weed Clearing Brush BR 70 & 90
Effective cleaning of tiles, asphalt and paving stones
Rotary Ditch Cleaner GR 70
For cleaning of small ditches and streams
Rotary Rake KR 250
Used for raking together, cut grass at waterbeds, streams, ect.
Grass Cutterbar S 165 & 190
Used for grass mowing in "hard to reach" areas
9561742 9561742
Twiga PRO 650 Tele, Pro Pilot joystick
9561005 9561005
Twiga PRO 700 Tele, Pro Pilot joystick
9561973 9561973
Twiga PRO 800Tele, Pro Pilot joystick

Twiga PRO:

  • Rear mount


Twiga PRO rear mounted





Reach dimensions of Twiga PRO


Reaches Twiga PRO 600 VFR 650 VFR 700 T 800 T
A* 6.0 m 6.5 m 7.0 m 8.0 m
B** 7.1 m 7.6 m 8.1 m 8.6 m
C45° 4.2 m 4.7 m 5.5 m 6.0 m
D 5.6 m 6.1 m 6.1 m 6.5 m
E 5.8 m 5.9 m 6.6 m 7.1 m
Min. tractor size kg:*** 5.500 kg 6.000 kg 6.000 kg 6.500 kg

* With 2,0 m flailhead 
** With 2,0 m Quadsaw or cutterbar
*** Tractor weight can vary from model to model. 
The reach of the arm can vary depends on the placing of the arm and head





AHS (Automatic hydraulic security):
unintentional collision with obsticles, the arm is lifted and swings back. The arm will subsequently swing back to the starting point again. This safety break-back system can be disconnected from the tractor, makin it possible to swing the arm up to 90 degrees backwards. This gives an unbelievable flexibility of the machine makin it possible to work behind trees and in corners.


Automatic hydraulic security




Parallel arm geometry
Mechanical parallel arm is standard on the Twiga PRO range. Enables the operator to adjust the reach of the machine without needing to continuiously adjust the lift - ease of use.


Parallel arm geometry




The build of the arm
With special focus on material use the arm is build in 6/8 mm spring steel. In areas where more strength is neede, the arm is more heavily built. Along the arms length extra segments are welded on and insdie reinforcements to prevent any wrenching.


The build of the arm




For verge mowing float on arm and head is hightly recommended.






Innovative construction
The new Twiga PRO series combines innovative construction in a robust and functional design. The solution is backed by many years of product development. The choice of material increases durability and reduces maintenance costs.


Innovative construction




Arm constuction
The arm construction is build from a brand new concept using Domex high strenght steel. This provides a great strength in relation to material use.


Arm construction




Arm mounting point
The arm mounting point has been moved further to the right and further forward in comparison to previous models. This reduces the requirement for the tractor lift capacity and weight.


Arm mounting point





Autopilot (automatic higtadjustment) (optional equipment)
The Autopilot automatically steers the height adjustment, giving the perfect ground adaption. Height variation sends a signal through the parallelogramm between the flailhead and the arm to the hydraulic valve, makin the arm raise or be lowered down. This ensures an even weight on the flailhead and reduces wear and maintenance costs. The Autopilot makes the job easier for the driver.






Perfect ground adaption