MultiCut 300




  • Designed for professional use
  • MultiCut blade system with suction from HD blades
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Power Drive driveline with overload protection
  • Optimal quality of work and high performance


MultiCut 300 has a working width of 2.85 mMultiCut 300 has 2 rotors and 2 blades per rotorMultiCut 300 requires a minimum tractor power of 75 hpMultiCut 300 weighs 1050 kg


Rotary slashers for maintenance of grass and removal of schrubs


The MultiCut 300 is the strongest 3 m rotary mower on the market. With the massive blade holders and highly absorbent spring steel blades, it is possible to cut and shred grass, even shrubbery with up to 7.5 cm thick. A 160 hp transmission system with direct drive provides both high reliability and high capacity.


The rotary slasher can be used anywhere:

  • Grass seed fields, fallow
  • Grazing land, meadows
  • Orchards, forrest roads
  • Parks, golf rough
  • Maize, rape and cheat stubble
  • Potato tops - specialty crops
  • Military area - airports


Transmission system
A 160 HP input splitter gearbox distributes the power with direct drive to the two 95 HP gearboxes that has the cutting blades system mounted. The blade system is fitted with two spring steel blades on each. Exceptionally high reliability and very low power requirements - hight capacity.


Multi Cut blade system
The four MultiCut blades cut in line, and overlap by 7.5 cm. The blades have a powerful suction wing that lifts the grass before it is cut. This leaves a clean cut - even after the tractor ruts. The blade holder is in the middle equipped with a support plate, which ensures that the blades do not hit the ground.


Support wheels
The cutting height is adjusted via two powerful rotatable support wheels.


Overrun PTO protection
The machine is delivered with a PTO with input knocking clutch for tractor protection.


Robust construction
A modern design combined with a premium choice of materials ensures a long lifespan for all parts.

Floating three point linkage

Floating three point linkage follow ground undulations and leaves the perfect cut - Even by rough conditions.


Safety curtain
Safety chain curtains back and front stop flying objects.

Technical data MultiCut 300
Total width 2.85 m
Cutting width 3.00 m
Cutting height 10 - 350 mm
Tractor power required from 75 hp
Number of rotors / blades per rotor 2 rotors / 2 blades
Gearbox rating 161 hp
PTO speed 1000 rpm
PTO protection Knocking clutch
Support wheels 2 pcs 5.00 x 8 HD
Forward speed Up to 15 km/h
Capacity Up to 3 ha/h
Weight 1,050 kg



Standard Equipment
Anti scalp rotor protection dish
Rearmount 1000 rpm
PTO with knocking clutch


Standard Equipment
Anti scalp rotor protection dish
Rear mount 1000 rpm
PTO with knocking clutch

Optional Equipment
Rear mount 540 rpm
Front mount 800 rpm
Sheer bolt clutch
Maize blade system
Chain set
30 cm mechanical sideshift

Construction with two blades

The large two-blade option has been designed to maintain dense vegetation. The two blades suck up material in the cutting zone and provides a clean cut in all conditions. Support plates protect the blades and rotors from direct surface contact and ensures a longer machine life.





Maize blade system

To achieve the ultimate schredding, the so-called maize blade system can be mounted. The maize blade is an extra straight blade mounted in the original knife.

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MultiCut 300