Simon Leitner
Henndorf am Wallersee, Austria
Multi Carrier HXF 2302
In the past, four workers were busy with this job for almost seven weeks. Now the job is done in 14 days by only three workers.
Franz Lehner
Weißkirchen, Austria
Barrier Mower RI 60 & 80
 From maintenance of road sides, hiking trails to mowing around traffic signs and fence poles, the GreenTec Barrier Mower is a true all-rounder. 
Michael Boldt Hansen
Middelfart, Denmark
Rotary Crusher GT 135 & 155
The advantage with the Rotary Crusher is that you can easily change between blades and chains for different working conditions, so you achieve an optimal result.
Marten Christensen
Balling, Denmark
Quadsaw LRS 1402
It has exceeded my expectations as it works like a charm and has a smooth cut.
Claus Madsen from Madsen's Have & Grave Service
Svendborg, Denmark
Rotary Mulcher RM 232
We needed something that was future-proof. It was important that the machine had a larger working width and it did not leave a huge mess.
Kai Ruppel
Büdingen, Germany
Multi Carrier HXF 3302
We needed to perform hedge cutting orders faster without comprising on the quality and the Quadsaw truly shines for that purpose.
Christian von Muhlenen
Ontario, Canada
Quadsaw LRS 2002
The saw does everything GreenTec states it can do! I am very impressed and thankful.
Norrekroks Maskintjänst
Östra Ljungby, Sweden
Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 132
I am very pleased with the performance of the RC 132 that I have driven for 2 years now without any problems.
Dennis Fife
Finch, Ontario, Canada
Multi Carrier HXF 3302
The Multi Carrier HXF 3302 and Quadsaw LRS 2002 work great. I have cut back some fencelines 10-12 feet, it does not plug or throw sticks at tractor like some machines do.
Johann Fenninger
Eugendorf, Austria
Multi Carrier HXF 2802
As I do not have to remove the cut-off material afterwards, I am able to cut far more hedges.
Markus Debo
Nieder-Olm, Germany
Quadsaw LRS 2002
When we cut hedges near vineyards, the harvester drives over the vinegrape rows. Thus, hedges are cut without damaging the vine plants. That would not be possible with any other machine.
Stefan Kok from Kok Agro-service
Soest, Netherlands
Quadsaw LRS 2402
I really like the shape of the Quadsaw with four blades that overlap each other so no branches avoid the saw. I am very happy with the performance of the saw and have not needed to replace any parts yet.
Joachim Vuijk from Roskilde Ejendomsservice A/S
Roskilde, Denmark
Scorpion 330 & 430 front and rear mounted
Why do we buy John Deere? Because we know it works. That is also why we have GreenTec machines because we know that we can rely on them to perform their job.
Jürgen Malek
Maishofen, Austria
Scorpion 730 & 830 rear mounted
I am really happy with the performance of the Scorpion boom mower as I have almost limitless range and can reach difficult spots.
Erich Rippl
Lengau, Austria
Multi Carrier HXF 2802
An important selection criterion was the cutting result on the trees. We wanted a high-frequency saw with a nice, straight cut. The branches must not appear frayed or ripped apart. A smooth cut is more aesthetically pleasing and above all better for the plants.
Niels Martin Aggesen
Maugstrup, Denmark
Multi Carrier HXF 3302
We have plenty of long, wedged fields with tall trees. The hedgerows keep growing and become taller and taller. So much that the branches begin to hang over our machines when we use them on the fields. Therefore, we have invested in a limb saw to keep the hedgerows sharp and clean.
Vance Honda from Kaanapali Farm Services
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Multi Carrier HXF 2302
I would highly recommend this Quadsaw to anyone needing a reliable tool to prune trees.
Philipp Unger
Loipersdorf-Kitzladen, Austria
Flail Mower FR 122 & 162
You always have the mulching head in view as it runs to the right side of the cabin. You can also drive backwards with the flail mower due to the rotor swivel join and you still have an anti-collision function. The machine is extremely quiet and easy to use.
Friedl Krimbacher
Schwendt, Austria
Quadsaw LRS 1602
The GreenTec pruning saw is sensational. Its power is amazing. The hydraulic side shift and cutting angle adjustment is great. Everything works flawlessly in every possible aspect.
Johann Lindner
Yspertal, Austria
Scorpion 730 & 830 rear mounted
Everything works very well. And the consultation and sales process were also very pleasant.
Lautergrund Rehabilitation Clinic
Bad Staffelstein, Germany
Flail Mower FR 92 & 112
The machines have high flexibility and a low noise level. Our expectations have been exceeded.
Franz Steindl
Groß Sierning, Austria
Scorpion 730 & 830 rear mounted
The cutting and working quality are excellent.