Johann Lindner

Johann Lindner from the municipality of Yspertal in Austria has been working as a contractor since 2010. Johann has recently acquired a GreenTec Boom Mower Scorpion 730 PLUS to assist with his verge mowing and limb trimming activities. The machines were purchased through Mauch which is GreenTec’s Austrian importer. Mauch has conducted an interview with Johann Lindner about the investment.


Mauch: You recently became the proud owner of a GreenTec Scorpion 730 PLUS.


Lindner: That is right. My previous machine was already old. That is why I had been looking for a new machine for a while. With the Corona subsidy, it was even more tempting. And that is when I made my move.


Mauch: With which attachments?


Lindner: With the Flail Mower FR 122 and the Quadsaw LRS 2002. Both are top machines that were recommended to me by the importer Mauch and the dealer Landtechnik Jungwirth.


Tractor mounted boom mower with saw attachment


Mauch: What exactly do you work on?


Lindner: Forest edges, municipal roads, farm and field paths, road embankments. Everything you know. A colorful mix and quite demanding.


Mauch: And how did you come across GreenTec?


Lindner: Via the internet. I watched a lot of YouTube videos. The Scorpion convinced me by far the most.


Mauch: With what exactly?


Lindner: The rotor swivel joint is an absolute top component. With it, you can move the mulcher or the saw into any position. There are no restrictions. It is possible to drive both forwards and backwards with the collision protection feature. And that is unique in the entire market.


Mauch: So you do not regret the purchase?


Lindner: Absolutely not. Everything works very well. And the consultation and sales process were also very pleasant.


Cut grass with GreenTec boom mower

- Johann Lindner, Yspertal, Austria