Johannes Mayers

Spearhead Rotary Mower – No shrubbery outgrows it


The operation of Johannes Mayer is in Baden near Vienna, Austria. Recently, Mr. Mayer has changed his 65 hectares of land and 4.5 hectares of wine to pasture as part of his conversion to the Austrian “System Immergrün”. Due to the additional mulching work, Mr. Mayer was looking for a more powerful alternative to his two-meter flail mower, that will require relatively few horse powers to run. With the MultiCut 430 he has found the optimal machine for this purpose.



The special shaped blade system of the MultiCut creates a suction effect that increases and decreases depending on the driving speed. – thus, ensuring a uniform mowing result.

The MultiCut is ideal for everything from corn- and rape stubble to pasture and fallow land. Even bushes and small tree pose no problem!



His conclusion after the first months of work:

„With my new MultiCut 430, depending on the produce, I can drive between 8 and 14 km/h – with a top result! At startup, the machine needs some power, but once it’s up to speed it runs totally calm and economical.

The first nine hours I drove I did 20 ha – I could not have done that with my flail mower in three days."

- Johannes Mayers , Baden, Austria