The market town of Seeboden; Austria

Working with great overview


The market town of Seeboden with its approximately 6,400 inhabitants is located on the beautiful Lake Millstatt. It is a destination for many tourists.


Seeboden has a size of around 44km2. They maintain a road network of 90 km. To keep the 180 parquet kilometers neat and well maintained, the market town chose to acquire a Twiga MID 600 HFR. Whit the machine they are not only able to cut grass in the verges, but also shrubbury and trim bushes and trees back.


The Twiga MID has hydraulic forward reach. This allow the flailhead to move 70 cm in a forward direction allowing it to reach the side of the cabin for excellent visibility and relaxed driving. Since the new reach mower is in operation around 350 hours a year, an AutoPilot installed between the reach arm and the flail head is a good investment. The Spearhead AutoPilot is mechanically operated by electro-hydraulically impulses. The AutoPilot is built with a parallelogram with a spring inside. When the flailhead drives on uneven ground and the pressure on the parallelogram changes, a sensor is activated which gives the arm the command to raise or lower – this way the pressure on the rear roller is always consistent. The driver report:

„The joystick controls make operating the machine very easy and with the forward reach, we have a great overview of the work”.

„The strong construction of the Twiga MID made it easy for us to make the decision, plus it has a very good price to performance ratio,” Josef Krammer, Head of Construction explains.


We wish the market town of Seeboden and its Construction teal a lot of fun with their reach arm mower.

- The market town of Seeboden; Austria, Seeboden, Austria