Niels Martin Aggesen

Niels Martin Aggesen runs Aggesensgård in Maugstrup, Denmark. Niels is part of the 13th generation on the farm and manages a traditional plant breeding operation with grain and rapeseed. He also has a slaughter production with antibiotic-free pigs.


Niels has invested in a GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF 3302 and Quadsaw LRS 2402 for his Manitou MLT 737 130 PS+ telehandler.


Hedgerow maintenance with GreenTec limb cutter


“We have plenty of long, wedged fields with tall trees. The hedgerows keep growing and become taller and taller. So much that the branches begin to hang over our machines when we use them on the fields. Therefore, we have invested in a limb saw to keep the hedgerows sharp and clean,” said Niels Martin Aggesen.


Circular saw hedge cutter mounted on Manitou MLT 737 130 PS+ telehandler


If the branches are not trimmed, they will extend further and further into the fields and there is a huge risk of machinery being damaged. A greater effect of the shelterbelt is also obtained by pruning branches regularly. Thus, crops are protected from the wind.


Farm hedge cutting with telehandler


“Previously, we had a man in the bucket of the telehandler who would cut branches manually. Another person would be steering the telehandler. Now, the job can be handled by one person who control the saw and vehicle from the cabin. Afterwards, we gather the cut-off material with our pallet forks. The branches are then burned when the weather conditions allow it. It is an easy and straightforward process that do not require much sweat,” said Niels Martin Aggesen.


“The hedge trimmer works flawlessly so far. I have been told that we need to tighten up a strap after running a few hours. The blades must be sharpened or changed after 100-120 hours. However, it is to be expected,” said Niels Martin Aggesen.


- Niels Martin Aggesen, Maugstrup, Denmark