Paul Baumühler

Spearhead in a special crop effort


Paul Baumühler is a third generation farmer and has been operating the farm for more than 13 years. He is focusing on innovation and is not interested in traditional crops, such as corn or sugar beets. Therefore, niche crops are part of the entire value chain.


In 2016, he started to cultivate hemp and has since become a professional in the area. The marketing and processing of the active ingredient extracted from the hemp flower is done through a web shop. It is only the hemp flower that is harvested for medical hemp. The approx two meter hemp stems remain on the field.


”We had not expected such a large amount of hemp, about 10 tons per hectare. Therefore, we need a reliable machine that can pulverize the material. Hemp is also used for the production of rope and contains many fibers – a regular flail mower would not be able to handle such material,” said Baumühler.


The solution to the problem was a Spearhead MultiCut 460. The 4.6 meter wide rotary mower is equipped with a StarCut I cutting system. In addition to the curved blades that draw the material up to the cutting zone, the StarCut I cutting system has three straight blades which ensure a better pulverization of the material.


In the middle of December last year, a demonstration of MultiCut 460 took place together with sales representative Gerhard Wagner from Steyr Centre Niederösterreich where Baumühler was convinced about MultiCut 460 despite difficult working conditions.



- Paul Baumühler, Niederösterreich, Austria