Weed Clearing Brush BR 70 & 90




  • Powerful and effective
  • Hard steel brushes
  • Hydraulic driven, 25 l/min @ 175 bar or 50 l/min @ 220 bar


Weed Clearing Brush has a working width of 0.7-0.9mWeed Clearing Brush BR 90's maximum labor speed is 1 km/h.Weed Clearing Brush weighs 55-230 kg.


Weed Brush for Tractor and Loader


GreenTec offers a weed brush for effective cleaning of sidewalks, gutters, bicycle paths, courtyards, anywhere where there are tiles, asphalt or paving stones. Weed Clearing Brush BR 90 is mounted on a reach mower arm or the like and is hydraulically driven, Weed clearing Brush BR 70 can be mounted on skid steer loader through the Multi Carrier HXF attachment frame. The strong steel brushes provide effective cleaning of gutters filled with sludge.



The Weed Clearing Brush fits the following GreenTec and Spearhead machines:


  BR 70 BR 90
Multi Carrier HXF 2302 Check mark  
HXF 2802 Check mark  
HXF 3302    
Twiga COMPACT    
Twiga MID   Check mark
Twiga PRO   Check mark
Twiga FLEX   Check mark
Twiga BASIC    
Twiga ORBITAL   Check mark
Twiga COMBI   Check mark
Technical data BR 70 BR 90
Working width 0,7 m Ø 0,9 m Ø
Directional control valve - Standard
Oil flow 25 l/min, max 190 bar 50 l/min, max 230 bar
Brushes Steel Steel
Weight 55 kg 230 kg


Standard Equipment
Hard steel brushes
Hydraulic driven


Standard Equipment
Hard steel brushes
Hydraulic driven

Optional Equipment
Hydraulic quick release
Mechanical quick release
Oil flow divider

Brackets – click to enlarge the drawings
HXF 2302/BR 70 right handed brackets
HXF 2302/BR 70 left handed brackets
Side walks
Side walks
Paving stones
Paving stones
9995090 9995090
Weed Clearing Brush BR 90
9995070 9995070
Weed Clearing Brush BR 70