GreenTec has sold more than 15,000 machines

GreenTec has sold more than 15,000 machines

The GreenTec brand was introduced in Canada during the Outdoor Farm Show 2016 in Woodstock Ontario. Since then a dealer network has been set-up throughout the southern parts of Ontario and Quebec together with the Atlantic Provinces.


GreenTec at Outdoor Farm Show 2016

GreenTec at the Outdoor Farm Show 2016


Although GreenTec is all new in Canada, the brand has existed for many years and employs more than 30 people and sells machines to 16 countries. In fact, in 2015, during the Agritechnica show in Hannover, Germany, GreenTec sold machine number 15,000. It was a Multi Carrier HXF 3302 and Quadsaw LRS 2002 solution which was made as a special edition (as shown in the picture). The machine was purchased by a Danish farmer.


Progress has been made in a rapid pace

“We have sold more than 15,000 machines. It tells us that customers buy solutions that they are satisfied with,” says co-owner Kim Brodersen.

“We have over the years been very active in the development and production of solutions which really have made our machines popular in the agriculture, municipality, housing association, airport and military sector,” he said.

This article was published on 30-03 2017

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