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Become Our New Dealer

Become Our New Dealer

GreenTec is is a Danish company that develops, manufactures and sells machines for green-area maintenance in North America and Europe. We make high quality cutting attachment tools for maintenance of verges, hedges, fences, woodlands and windbreaks. Our tools can be mounted on attachment frames for a wide variety of carrier vehicles and loaders.


In 2016, the GreenTec brand was introduced to the North American market during the Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.


The video shows our main product which is the Multi Carrier HXF series and the tools that can be attached to it.


The GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF series is a flexible solution with a world of attachment tools available. Fence-line trimming, hedge cutting, under the fence cutting, weed clearance etc. It is all possible with one of the many combinations of Multi Carriers and attachment tools available. Click here to read an article from Ontario Farmer about the concept of the Multi Carrier HXF series.



Current GreenTec dealers in North America

GreenTec is currently represented in Central and Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic region.

Current GreenTec dealers in Canada



Get your "cut" by becoming a dealer of GreenTec products

We are looking for new dealers in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to expand our brand in North America.


If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.



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