Leaf Blower LG




  • High-pressure blower made of aluminum
  • Very high airflow
  • Uses the hydraulics of the tractor 40 l/min (10.6 gpm)
  • External mounting or integrated with the Scorpion boom mowers


Hydraulic leaf blower for tractor


We have developed an hydraulic high-pressure blower that can be mounted on most boom mowers for tractors.


The Leaf Blower LG is used for keeping roads, sidewalks and bike paths free of leaves, grass and other debris. The machine is often used in combination with a hedge trimmer or flail mower. It enables you to cut hedges, shrubs and grass in verges while cleaning up the mess on the fly. It eliminates the need for manual labor to remove the cut-off material from the road.


The blower can also remove snow from panels in solar parks if you have the required space for a tractor and boom mower between the rows of solar panels. The same applies for orchard owners who want to push leaves or crops out from the the lines of orchard plants and trees.

Standard Equipment
9990010R-40 9990010R-40
LG (40 l/min)