Maintenance of coffee trees in Hawaii

Maintenance of coffee trees in Hawaii

Vance Honda has acquired a GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF 2302 and Quadsaw LRS 1402 for the maintenance of coffee trees in Hawaii, USA.


The machines were purchased through Tanner Rhodus at Buckeye Farmers in Eaton, Ohio.


"Picked up the GreenTec Quadsaw LRS 1402 a month ago and it has been great! We have been able to double/triple our production via this Quadsaw on our farm. It fits perfectly on our Kubota skid steer, no problems so far. I would highly recommend this Quadsaw to anyone needing a reliable tool to prune trees," said Vance Honda.


Tree trimming saw for skid steer loader

This article was published on 14-04 2021

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