Twice as fast hedge cutting - Madsen's Have & Grave Service

Twice as fast hedge cutting - Madsen's Have & Grave Service

Claus Madsen, who offers hedge and verge cutting services in Southern Funen, Denmark, has acquired two GreenTec Rotary Mulchers RM 232. One of the many tasks that Claus Madsen and his four employees perform is to maintain hedges and verges in the Municipality of Svendborg.


”We cut about 900 km of hedges and verges a year. The RM 232 has saved us a lot of time as it takes twice as much in the width,” said Claus Madsen.



In the past, Claus Madsen’s company used a flail head with a working width of 1.2 m for cutting hedges. Today, they are almost doubling the working width by using the GreenTec Rotary Mulcher RM 232. Even though Claus Madsen and his employees were cutting hedges faster than ever, they could not settle with one RM 232. Claus choose to buy another one, so they could cut a standard hedge of 4.5 m in a single workflow by mounting the Rotary Mulchers on two tractors with Spearhead Twiga Flex boom mowers. One man in the tractor cuts the bottom of the hedge while the other follows and cuts the top.


”We needed something that was future-proof. It was important that the machine had a larger working width and it did not leave a huge mess,” said Claus Madsen. “We did some research and figured out that GreenTec has made a great product with the new Rotary Mulcher RM 232. The cut-off material quietly slides down the hedge and stays in the side, so there is no need for employees to remove the cut-off material afterwards. The RM 232 also leaves a nice cut. The material is not ripped off. It is cut and pulverized,” Claus Madsen continued.


“We are quite pleased with the RM 232 and so are our customers. It is also very economical to drive. We do not use much fuel and the blades lasts a lot longer than a regular hedge cutter,” said Claus Madsen.

This article was published on 03-10 2018

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