Spare Parts designed for Spearhead and GreenTec machines

Spearhead Twiga Flex 6000T boom mower mounted on New Holland T6.165 tractor


More than 25 years of experience with
GreenTec and Spearhead products and spare parts.



GreenTec saw blades for Quadsaw LRS series


Over 8,500 sold
Spearhead machines throughout the years.



Rotary mower parts for Spearhead MultiCut and Stubble Master series


Spare parts that fit GreenTec and Spearhead:

Boom mowers 
Hedge cutters 
Verge mowers 
Rotary mowers 

Brush cutters 
Flail mowers 



Manufacturing, development and office facilties at Merkurvej 25, 6000 Kolding


Made in Denmark:


All our machines are produced in the highest quality at our manufacturing and development facilities in Kolding, Denmark. We have a short lead time to the market compared to other manufacturers with production outside of Europe.

We have huge flexibility in the manufacturing and development of our machines and spare parts as everything is closely connected to each other at our facilities in Denmark.

Thus, we can always ensure you the best possible products and spare parts on the market as we have control over our entire value chain.



Saw blade that fits the GreenTec Quadsaw LRS series


Fast delivery of wear parts:


Although our machines are of the best quality, parts are needed when a saw blade, flail or other part has been worn down.

It is important that we deliver the parts as quickly as possible, so you can get back to work.

Time is money, and we strive to give the customer a good experience and quick dispatch of spare parts orders.



Our warehouse is stacked with spare parts for GreenTec and Spearhead machines


Buy spare parts for GreenTec or Spearhead machines:


When you purchase parts that is specially designed for GreenTec and Spearhead machines, your machine will have the most optimal working conditions with high efficiency and long durability.



Order your GreenTec or Spearhead spare parts through our dealer network


Contact your local dealer

We have gathered the most common spare parts in kits. If you order a complete kit of spare parts, you will obtain additional economic benefits.

Purchase of spare parts must be through our dealer network. Please, contact your local dealer to purchase parts.

We deliver the spare parts to your dealer’s location where you can pick them up afterwards. Of course, we can also send and hand over spare parts to end customers if they have a prior agreement with the dealer.



Mounting bracket for GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF series


Opening hours for the warehouse:

Monday: 7:30 - 16.00

Tuesday: 7:30 - 16.00

Wednesday: 7:30 - 16.00

Thursday: 7:30 - 16.00

Friday: 7:30 - 15.00



GreenTec blades for Quadsaw LRS 2002


Find technical documentation online:

You can download our user manuals and spare parts books directly from our website.
If you have any technical questions, please contact your local dealer who will guide you to their best ability.