Norrekroks Maskintjänst

Norrekroks Maskintjänst is located in Skäne, Sweden and performs landscape maintenance jobs in the agricultural and municipal segments. They offer services for hedge cutting and verge mowing. Additionally, they also remove snow from roads and spread fertilizer on fields.


Norrekroks Maskintjänst cuts and shreds hedges in a single workflow


Norrekroks Maskintjänst uses the GreenTec Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 132 for trimming hedges and removal of shrubs. The machine was purchased through GreenTec’s Swedish dealer, YstaMaskiner, and was mounted on a Ferri TP60 boom arm. Previously, Norrekroks Maskintjänst used a cutter bar for maintaining hedges.



Krister Persson from Norrekroks Maskintjänst voices his opinion about the Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 132:


I am very pleased with the performance of the RC 132 that I have driven for 2 years now without any problems.


The machine is equipped with 18 blades allocated on 3 rotors. They cut and shred the material so there is hardly anything to pick up afterwards.


Perfectly cut and shaped hedge

- Norrekroks Maskintjänst, Östra Ljungby, Sweden