GreenTec's History and Milestones


The company was founded by Torben and Karl Jørgen Spedtsberg in Denmark. They offered sales and repair of tractors, combine harvesters and used cars.

GreenTec was founded in 1979 by Karl Kørgen and Torben Speedtsbjerg



John Christensen employed as Salesman.

John Christensen



John Christensen bought 50% of the company.

50% of GreenTec



Cooperation with Spearhead Machinery Ltd. in England initiated.

Spearhead Machinery Ltd. logo



The Quadsaw LRS series was developed. 

Blades on Quadsaw LRS



The Multi Carrier HXF series was developed. 

Multi Carrier HXF with Quadsaw LRS mounted on a front loader



GreenTec moved to new premises due to limited space at the previous location.

GreenTecs new building at Merkurvej 25, Kolding, Denmark



Development of a wider range of tools for boom mowers and the Multi Carrier HXF series.

Blades of Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 132 spinning around



Generational change began. Thomas Hehr and Kim Brodersen became co-owners. 

Thomas Hehr, John Christensen and Kim Brodersen in front of the company building



GreenTec had sold a total of 15,000 machines.

Number 15,000 sold machine



Production facilities were expanded by 1,200 m².

New production facilities at GreenTec



GreenTec terminated our partnership with Spearhead Machinery Ltd. The focus shifted towards manufacturing our own products.

Back to the drawing board to develop new machines



GreenTec introduced a new boom mower series called Scorpion. The machines became a huge hit at Agritechnica where they received a silver medal in innovation.


The Flail Mower FR 92 - 162 and Cutterbar HS 172 - 242 were also introduced to the market.

The GreenTec Scorpion boom mowers received a silver medal in innovation by the Agritechnica commission in 2019
Scorpion 330-4 S boom mower with Cutterbar HS 172