Kai Ruppel

Contractor Kai Ruppel meets increased demand for hedge cutting and maintenance by using machines from GreenTec


Since 2001, Kai Ruppel has been operating a contracting company in Hessen, Germany.


He has worked with landscape management for some years now. Previously, he used a cutterbar to maintain hedges.


However, he started to see an increase in orders to clear and maintain pathways and roads in his local surroundings. To meet the increased demand, Kai decided to purchase a GreenTec Quadsaw.


Kai Ruppel with his GreenTec tools and telehandler

(Image from Kai Ruppel)


"After careful research, I decided to buy the GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF 3302 and Quadsaw LRS 2402 for my telescopic loader. As a result, we utilize our resources better through the cold season. Advice and sales went through Raiffeisen, my local dealer," said Kai Ruppel.


"There were several reasons to purchase the machines from GreenTec. First of all, we experienced an increased demand for hedge cutting and maintenance work in our area. Secondly, we needed to perform orders faster without comprising on the quality of the work and the Quadsaw truly shines for that purpose. Finally, we have a much better utilization of our telescopic loader throughout the season as it is an ideal carrier vehicle for the saw," said Kai Ruppel.


Kai Ruppel clear roads and pathways from branches

(Image from Kai Ruppel)

- Kai Ruppel, Büdingen, Germany