SILENT AG is acknowledged as the dealer of the year for 2021

SILENT AG is acknowledged as the dealer of the year for 2021

Congratulations to SILENT AG on becoming the dealer of the year for 2021. We are acknowledging an extraordinary commitment of our Swiss importer which only became a GreenTec sales partner in 2020.


Landscape maintenance with GreenTec reach mower

SILENT AG has already sold numerous GreenTec reach mowers and attachment tools in the last two years.


As an importer, dealer and workshop, SILENT AG has specialized in technology for orchards and viticulture, horticulture and municipal technology. It sells these products throughout Switzerland. Founded in 1960, the company employs 25 people and is run as a family business by Peter and Beatrice Scherrer with the support of their children Daniel and Marléne Scherrer who are part of the third generation.


The SILENT AG family next to the Scorpion boom mower from GreenTec

The GreenTec importer SILENT AG is managed by Peter (2nd from left) and Beatrice Scherrer (not in the picture) with the support of their children Marlène (3rd from left) and Daniel Scherrer (left). Michael Leuenberger (right) is responsible for the GreenTec machines in the workshop.


Sebastian Scheer (GreenTec Sales Manager) emphasizes the overall business experience as one of the key points for handing out the award: "SILENT AG is a very professional company that we work very well with. The team knows the market and its customers inside out. SILENT AG has a good grasp of what is in demand and what is needed in different sectors, such as agriculture, horticulture and municipal landscaping. The GreenTec products fit very well with the existing portfolio of SILENT AG".


GreenTec Boom Mower Scorpion 430 mounted on an Antonio Carraro compact tractor


As a result, a whole series of Scorpion reach mowers have already been deployed in Switzerland. Additionally, the company has sold numerous attachment tools, such as cutterbars and hedge trimmers. In recognition of this great achievement in just the second year of cooperation, we are awarding SILENT AG as our “Dealer of the Year 2021”.


We hope that the cooperation continues its successful journey.


SILENT AG in Otelfingen, Switzerland

This article was published on 23-03 2022

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