Barrier Mower RI 60 & 80




  • Anti scalp protection dish
  • Good ground following capability
  • Adjustable spriral springs for the plate
  • Rubber protection around the plate
  • The two blades ensure a uniform cutting result


Barrier Mower Ri 60 and 80 have a working width of 0.6 and 0.8 m., respectivelyBarrier Mower Ri 60 and 80's maximum labor speed is 3 km/h.Barrier Mower Ri 60 and 80 weigh 45 and 60 kg., respectively


Fence trimmer and guardrail mower


The Ri 60 and 80 is the perfect tool to cut under fence wires, horse pen fence, crash barriers or to cut close around trees in orchards or the like. Below the spring-suspended free-hanging plate are two strong up-draft blades that mow the grass. The blades are guarded by an anti-scalp disc that prevents the blades to mow into the ground.


The spring-suspension on the Ø 60 or 80 cm large barrier mower can be continuously adjusted, which allow the machine to mow around, even thin fence poles without them tipping over.



Standard equipment:

  • Left or Right hand version
  • Hydraulic drive, 40 l/min @ 160 bar
  • Forward speed between 1 - 4 km/h
  • Basic mount incl. 2 m. hydraulic hoses



The Barrier Mower series fit the following GreenTec and Spearhead machines:


  Ri 60 Ri 80
Multi Carrier HXF 2302 Check mark Check mark
HXF 2802 Check mark Check mark
HXF 3302    
Twiga COMPACT    
Twiga MID    
Twiga PRO    
Twiga FLEX    
Twiga BASIC    
Twiga ORBITAL    
Twiga COMBI    


Tecnical data Ri 60 Ri 80
Working width 0.6 m 0.8 m
Number of knives 2 pcs 2 pcs
Oilflow 25 l/min, max 190 bar 25 l/min, max 190 bar
Oilflow 40 l/min, max 190 bar 40 l/min, max 190 bar
Weight standard equipped 45 kg 60 kg
Right hand or left hand version Free option Free option


Standard Equipment
Basic mount incl. 2 m hydraulic hoses
Continuous adjustment of the plate pressure
40 l motor
25 l motor
Rubber protection around the plate
Anti-scalp protection dish

Optional Equipment
Flow divider incl. 2 m hosekit
Three point linkage Cat ll with mechanical side-shift
Hydraulic quick release for Spearhead Twiga Compact
Mechanical quick release for Spearhead Twiga Compact

Brackets – click to enlarge the drawings
Spearhead Twiga Compact Adapter
9992060R 9992060R
RI 60 Barrier Mower, Right
9992060L 9992060L
RI 60 Barrier Mower, Left
9992080L 9992080L
RI 80 Barrier Mower, Left
9992080R 9992080R
RI 80 Barrier Mower, Right