Cutterbar HX 170 - 270




  • Perfect cutting quality of branches and twigs
  • Driving speed of 2 km/h (1.24 mph)
  • Cutting frequency of 60 double strokes per minute
  • Trimmer bars made ​​of Hardox steel = high lifespan
  • Hydraulic oil flow divider
  • Soft Turn technology


The Cutterbar HX 170 - 270 has working widths from 1.7 to 2.7 m (5'7" to 8'10")The Cutterbar HX 170 - 270 cuts branches up to 11 cm (4.33") in thicknessThe Cutterbar HX 170 - 270 has a maximum driving speed of 2 km/h (1.24 mph)The Cutterbar HX 170 - 270 weighs between 180 to 260 kg (397 to 573 lb)


Finger bar hedge cutters for tractors and excavators


Our HX series consists of powerful and effective finger bars for professional hedge and tree trimming. The finger bars provide a clean cut of branches up to 11 cm (4.33”) in thickness. The bars do not leave split or flayed branches.

The HX series is available in working widths of 1.7, 2.3 or 2.7 m (5’7”, 7’7” or 8’10”).

The cutter bars have low maintenance costs as they are made in Hardox steel which is some of the most durable material on the market. You do not even need to sharpen the cutter bars as they will stay strong and cut branches with ease.


The design of the shifting slide valve is softly cut. This results in a smooth and gentle turn of the cutter bar with minimal pressure loading (Soft Turn technique). The advantage of this is less wear and shock loading of the hydraulic system.


The hydraulic driven finger bars have a very low noise level compared to our Quadsaw LRS series. Thus, the finger bars are suitable for areas where noise nuisance is not desired when trimming hedges or cutting back tree lines. On the other hand, you cannot achieve the same driving speed and efficiency as the Quadsaw LRS series which is situated with four circular blades with carbide tipped teeth.


The Cutterbar HX series can be mounted on most vehicles used by agricultural enterprises and contractors, such as tractors, excavators, telehandlers and loaders.


The finger bars are either attached to a boom mower on tractors or directly to the arm of excavators through one of our many brackets. It is also possible to mount the finger bars on front loaders and telehandlers by using our Multi Carrier HXF 3302 attachment frame.



The Cutterbar HX series fits the following GreenTec machines:


  HX 170 HX 230 HX 270
Multi Carrier HXF 2302      
HXF 2802      
HXF 3302 Check mark Check mark Check mark
Boom Mower Scorpion 330 & 430      
Scorpion 530 & 630 Check mark Check mark Check mark
Scorpion 730 & 830 Check mark Check mark Check mark
Technical data HX 170 HX 230 HX 270
Working width 1.7 m
2.3 m
2.7 m
Max. branch thickness 11 cm
11 cm
11 cm
Driving speed up to 2 km/h
(1.24 mph)
2 km/h
(1.24 mph)
2 km/h
(1.24 mph)
Required hydraulic connections 1 x double acting 1 x double acting 1 x double acting
Required oil flow 50 l/min @ 190 bar
(13.2 gpm @ 2756 psi)
50 l/min @ 190 bar
(13.2 gpm @ 2756 psi)
50 l/min @ 190 bar
(13.2 gpm @ 2756 psi)
Weight 180 kg
(397 lb)

220 kg
(485 lb)

260 kg
(573 lb)



High performance gearbox Standard equipment
60 double strokes per minute Standard equipment
Soft Turn technique Standard equipment
Oil flow divider Standard equipment
Trimmer bars in Hardox Standard equipment
Pressure relief valve Standard equipment
Hydraulic quick release Optional equipment
Mechanical quick release Optional equipment



Standard equipment = Standard equipment

Optional equipment = Optional equipment

Standard Equipment
High performance gearbox
60 double strokes per minute
Soft Turn technique
Oil flow divider
Trimmer bars in Hardox

Optional Equipment
Hydr. quick rel. HX 170-230 / Twiga (OPTE597)
Hydr. quick rel. HX 170-230 / SC 6-8 S (OPTE1094)
Hydr. quick rel. HX 170-230 / SC 6-8 P (OPTE1095)

Brackets – click to enlarge the drawings
Adapter HX 170-270 / Herder (OPTE312)
Adapter kit for Tifermec incl. fittings and hoses (OPTE316)
Adapter HX 170-270 / Twiga (OPTE320)
Quickcoupling mech. HX 170-270 / Twiga (OPTE596)
Adapter HX 170-270 / 90° slew, hy. / SC 6-8S (OPTE953.3)
Adapter HX 170-270 / SC 6-8 P (OPTE1089)
Adapter HX 170-270 / SC 6-8 S (OPTE1090)
Quickcoupling mech. HX 170-270 / SC 6-8 S&P (OPTE1096)
Adapter HX 170-270 / McConnel (OPTE3001)
Adapter HX 170-270 / universel (OPTE3002)
Adapter HX 170-270 / SMA (OPTE3003)
Adapter HX 170-270 / HXF3302 (OPTE4200)
Adapter HX 170-270 / Dücker (OPTE4201)
Adapter HX 170-270 / Mulac (OPTE4202)
Adapter HX 170-270 / Noremat (OPTE4233)
Adapter HX 170-270 / Twose (OPTE4660)
9990170C-50 9990170C-50
HX 170 (50 l/min), center
9990230C-50 9990230C-50
HX 230 (50 l/min), center
9990270C-50 9990270C-50
HX 270 (50 l/min), center