Rotary Mulcher RM 232




  • Perfect cutting quality of branches up to 4 cm Ø
  • High capacity, 2.3 m. working width - up to 4 km/h
  • No costs for disposal of the cut-off material
  • 6 pieces of blades per rotor (deviate from overload)
  • Minimal wear and maintenance
  • Many mounting options


RM 232 has a working width of 2.3 mRM 232 cuts branches up to 4 cm in thicknessRM 232's maximum labor speed is 4 km/hRM 232 weighs 250 kg


Hedge mulcher for tractor, excavator and telehandler


Rotary Mulcher RM 232 is a top professional tool, ideal for cutting windbreaks in municipal and agricultural segments. Large capacity combined with an "all in one" concept, where all functions are performed in one workflow. The hedge mulcher has a clean cut and leaves the material pulverized at the bottom. Branches up to 4 cm are cut and crushed into small pieces.


The machine is produced in high strength steel and only weighs 310 kg which makes it possible to mount RM 232 on most boom mowers and excavators.

Technical data RM 232
Working width 2.3 m
Number of rotors 4 pcs
Blades per rotor 6 pcs
Max branch thickness 4 cm
Oil flow 50 l/min, max 180 bar
Weight 310 kg



A hydraulic motor
Belt drive
Belt tightener
Blade system with double cutting depth
Free swinging blades
Tool for easy change of blades
Gradual cutting angle setting
Support wheel
Rubber flap kit
Enforced body
Clean straight surface
Easy belt drive access
Detachable bottom
Pressure relief valve
Anti-cavitation valve
Mechanical quick release
Hydraulic quick release
Oil flow divider
90° hydraulic slew


 = Standard equipment,   = Optional equipment


Standard Equipment
Hydraulic motor
Belt drive
Belt tightener
Easy access to belt drive
Blade system with double cutting depth
Free swinging blades
Gradual cutting angle setting
Easy change of blades
Tool for easy change of blades
Rubber flap kit
Support wheel
Smooth surface
Detachable bottom
Enforced body

Optional Equipment
Quick coupling Hydraulic MID(OPTE3081)
Quick coupling Hydraulic PRO/FLEX (OPTE3164)

Brackets – click to enlarge the drawings
Quick coupling Mech (OPTE3082)
Adapter Twiga Flex incl. flowdivider and hose (OPTE4244)
Adapter PRO/MID incl. flowdivider, hose and fittings (OPTE4246)
Adapter Dücker DUA (OPTE4248)
Adapter Mulag incl. flowdivider, hose and fittings (OPTE4250)
Adapter FM/Epoke incl. flowdivider, hose and fittings (OPTE4252)
Adapter Dücker UNA (OPTE4253)
Adapter McConnel PA5360 incl. flowdivider,hose and fittings (OPTE4256)
Adapter Hydrema incl flowdivider, fitting & hose (OPTE4265)
9990232 9990232
Rotary Mulcher RM 232, right hand
9990232L 9990232L
Rotary Mulcher RM 232, left hand

Blade system of Rotary Mulcher RM 232



The blade system differs from the previous models as it is equipped with 6 blades per rotor instead of 4. This increases the cut frequency by 50%, enhancing the capability and create a better shredding effect. The blades are rotatable, which allow each blade to swing back if overloaded.






Hydraulic motor and power belt driveA HYDRAULIC MOTOR AND POWER BELT DRIVE

The transmission system is Power Belt driven by a centrally placed hydraulic motor. The previous model was equipped with three serially connected hydraulic motors; the new construction is thereby simpler with focus on increased reliability.