Flail Mower FR 92 & 112




  • Integrated Airflow absorbs the grass and reduces the power requirement
  • Manufactured in a highly durable material (Strenx high strength steel)
  • Minimum total width as the rotor bearings are integrated
  • Power Belt drive provides low maintenance costs
  • Double spiral rotor gives a uniform distribution of the material
  • Specially developed flails that reduces the risk of breakage and damage


The Flail Mower FR 92 & 112 have working widths of 0,9 and 1.1 m (2'11" and 3'7"), respectivelyThe Flail Mower FR 92 & 112 cut branches up to 4 cm (1.57”) in thicknessThe Flail Mower FR 92 & 112 have a maximum driving speed of 5-7 km/h (3.11-4.35 mph)The Flail Mower FR 92 & 112 weigh 138 and 144 kg (304 and 317), respectively


Brush Cutter Attachments for Mini Excavators and Compact Tractors


Our new Flail Mowers FR 92 & 112 are highly effective for the care of green areas. They can be used for both grass mowing, hedge cutting and windbreak maintenance. Their core competency is verge mowing of grass and thicket. 


The brush mowers are hydraulic driven and can be fitted on smaller vehicles, as they have a relative low weight of 138 and 144 kg (304 and 317 lb). If you attach the brush mower to a reach arm on a compact tractor, you can maintain a high driving speed up to 7 km/h (4.35 mph). It is also possible to mount the brush cutters on mini excavators which makes it somewhat slower.


The flail mowers have been optimized in every single detail and the total width of the flail head has never been lower. The small working widths of 0.9 and 1.1 m (2'11" and 3'7") make it easy to navigate the vehicle and brush mower in tight spaces, such as bicycle paths, gardens and parks.


The main advantage of the new FR series is the Integrated Airflow system. The term refers to the brush mowers' suction capacity and power requirement. The flail mowers have been designed to process the incoming material immediately and reduce the time the material spends in the machine by optimizing the air velocity. The Integrated Airflow system lowers the power requirement and expands the capacity of how much material that can enter the flail head. 


Even though the flail mowers have low weights, they are still made of some very durable material. Strenx 700 high strength steel is one of the most recognized steel types in the world and ensures low maintenance costs. Stones, branches or metal objects ricochet off of the strong exterior shield. Additionally, we have changed the shape of the flails to reduce damage and breakage to the internal rotor.



The Flail Mower FR 92 & 112 fits the following GreenTec machines:


  FR 92 FR 112
Boom Mower Scorpion 330 & 430 Check mark Check mark
Scorpion 530 & 630    
Scorpion 730 & 830    
Working width 0.90 m
​1.10 m
Branch thickness 4 cm
4 cm
Driving speed up to 5 - 7 km/h
(3.11 - 4.35 mph)
5 - 7 km/h
(3.11 - 4.35 mph)
Required hydraulic connections 1 x double acting + 1 x drain 1 x double acting + 1 x drain
Minimum oil flow 40 l/min @ 230 bar 
(10.6 gpm @ 3336 psi)
40 l/min @ 230 bar
​(10.6 gpm @ 3336 psi)
Alternative min. oil flow 50 l/min @ 230 bar
(13.2 gpm @ 3336 psi)
50 l/min @ 230 bar
(13.2 gpm @ 3336 psi)
Weight 138 kg
(304 lb)
144 kg
(317 lb)



Integrated Airflow Standard equipment Standard equipment
Optimzed total width Standard equipment Standard equipment
Power Belt drive Standard equipment Standard equipment
Strenx 700 steel construction Standard equipment Standard equipment
Double spiral rotor Standard equipment Standard equipment
Special flails with optimized shapes Standard equipment Standard equipment
Rubber protection in front and back Standard equipment Standard equipment
Adjustable front Standard equipment Standard equipment
Rounded rear roller Standard equipment Standard equipment
Hydraulic quick release Optional equipment Optional equipment
Mechanical quick release Optional equipment Optional equipment



Standard equipment = Standard equipment


Optional equipment = Optional equipment

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment
Hydraulic quick release for Twiga (OPTE1057)
Quick release mech. Twiga Compact (OPTE1058)
Quick release mech. Scorpion 4 (OPTE1127)
Quick release mech. SC4 (OPTE1129)
Flail type C, FR 92 (24 stk)(OPTE1196)
Flail type L, FR 92 (24 stk)(OPTE1196.1)
Flail type C, FR 112 (30 stk) (OPTE1197)
Flail type L, FR 112 (30 stk)(OPTE1197.1)
Adapter FR 92 / SC 4 (OPTE1050)
Adapter FR 112 / SC 4 (OPTE1120)
Adapter FR 92 / Twiga Compact (OPTE1051)
Adapter FR 112 / Twiga Compact (OPTE1084)
9991090 9991090
Flail Mower FR 92
9991110 9991110
Flail Mower FR 112