Scorpion 730 & 830 rear mounted




  • Hybrid Arm System: Easy to change between parallel and non-parallel motion
  • 50% stronger construction and 25% lower weight by using Strenx high strength steel
  • 155° hydraulic turn of the arm with Power Control
  • Auto Height Control where the cutting head floats above the ground (Optional equipment)
  • The 4-point mounting system increases the stability
  • Extend your forward reach with Rotor Flex (Optional equipment on the S models)


26 tools can be attached to the Scorpion 8 seriesThe Scorpion 8 series has horizontal working widths of 7.3 and 8.3 mThe Scorpion 8 series has vertical working widths of 7.1 and 8.1 mScorpion 730 and 830 require a minimum vehicle weight of 7000 and 8000 kg, respectively


Long Arm Mowers for Tractors


We have truly created a groundbreaking product with our Scorpion arm mower which has been awarded a silver medal in innovation by the Agritechnica Commission. The Scorpion boom mowers are designed for contractors and farmers who maintain large green areas.


The Scorpion series has many innovative features that ease the workload of the driver and significantly increase efficiency.


GreenTec has more than 30 years of experience in selling machines for landscape maintenance. The machines are developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Kolding, Denmark.


An extensive range of hydraulic tools can be attached to the Scorpion arm. We offer attachment tools for trimming trees and hedges, mowing grass in roadsides and slopes, removing moss and weeds from sidewalks, cleaning streams and ditches from sludge and mud, cutting grass under fences and guardrails, etc.


The Scorpion arm mowers are available in 3 series which vary in range, minimum vehicle weight, equipment and selection of tools.


The Scorpion 8 series consists of 4 different models: 730 S, 730 PLUS, 830 S and 830 PLUS. All models can be rear mounted.


The Scorpion 730 and 830 are available in two versions - STANDARD and PLUS. The difference between the versions is the hydraulic performance and the included equipment. For instance, the PLUS models have Rotor Flex and Auto Flex as standard equipment.


The Scorpion 8 series contains the largest models of our arm mowers and is particularly useful for work that requires a long reach. Due to their size, the arm mowers must be mounted on a relatively large tractor. The arm mower must be mounted in the back of the tractor for extra stability. The minimum required weight of the tractor is 7,000 kg (15,432 lb) for the Scorpion 730 and 8,000 kg (17,637 lb) for the Scorpion 830.


No slope or ditch is too long or steep for the Scorpion 8 series as it has horizontal reaches of 7.3 or 8.3 m (23'11" or 27'3"). The boom arms can also be used in forest areas for cutting branches off tall trees by using the large vertical reaches of 7.1 or 8.1 m (23'4" or 26'7") depending on model.

TECHNICAL DATA 730-8 S 830-8 S
Horizontal reach 7.3 m
8.3 m
Vertical reach 7.1 m
8.1 m
Transport width 2.4 m
2.5 m
Pump 56 ccm gear pump, cast iron
Hydraulic system 115 l/min. @ 230 bar
(30.38 gpm @ 3336 psi)
Weight without tools 1,475 kg
(3,252 lb)
1,505 kg
(3,318 lb)
Minimum size of tractor 7,000 kg
(15,432 lb)
8,000 kg
(17,637 lb)



TECHNICAL DATA 730-8 S 830-8 S
Horizontal reach 7.3 m
8.3 m
Vertical reach 7.1 m
8.1 m
Transport width 2.4 m
2.5 m
Pump Danfoss 60 ccm piston pump
Hydraulic system 125 l/min. @ 315 bar
(33.02 gpm @ 4569 psi)
Weight without tools 1,600 kg
(3,527 lb)
1,630 kg
(3,594 lb)
Minimum size of tractor 7,000 kg
(15,432 lb)
8,000 kg
(17,637 lb)



Hybrid Arm System with dual function Standard equipment Standard equipment
Strenx 700 steel construction Standard equipment Standard equipment
155° hydraulic turn of the arm with power control Standard equipment Standard equipment
Rotor Flex, double pivot joint
(270° turn of cutting head and 180° cutting angle)
Optional equipment Standard equipment
Auto Flex, automatic vertical positioning Optional equipment Standard equipment
Danfoss proportional valve PVG 32/16 Standard equipment Standard equipment
Danfoss joystick with 4 proportional functions Standard equipment Standard equipment
2 oil flows: 85 and 50 l /min. (22.45 and 13.21 gpm) Standard equipment Standard equipment
Hydraulic float of arm and cutting angle Standard equipment Standard equipment
Oil cooler Standard equipment Standard equipment
Air Stream Control (Effective oil cooling) Standard equipment Standard equipment
220 l (58.12 gallons) oil tank capacity Standard equipment Standard equipment
4-point and K80 mounting for cat. 2 or 3 Standard equipment Standard equipment
PTO 800 / 600 rpm (Rear mounted) Standard equipment -
PTO 750 / 570 rpm (Rear mounted) - Standard equipment
LED lights Standard equipment Standard equipment
Auto Height Control (For verge mowing)* Optional equipment Optional equipment
Quick release, hydraulic Optional equipment Optional equipment
Quick release, mechanical Optional equipment Optional equipment
K80 ball hitch for 4-point mounting** Optional equipment Optional equipment
400 kg (882 lb) counterweights Optional equipment Optional equipment
Leaf Blower LG attached to boom mower Optional equipment Optional equipment
Bio oil Optional equipment Optional equipment


* Cannot be retrofitted
** Requires K80 on the tractor at top bar height



Standard equipment = Standard equipment

Optional equipment = Optional equipment

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment
Adapter SC 6-8 S+P standard / FR122-162 (OPTE1059)
RotorFlex, double swivel joint w. auto vert. pos. SC6-8S (OPTE1151)
Hydr. quick rel. SC 6-8S (OPTE1153)
Quickcoupling mech. SC 6-8 (OPTE1154)
Counterweight, SC 6-8 S&P, 400 kg (OPTE1158)
Hydr. quick rel. SC 6-8P (OPTE1159)
Pivot joint for SC 6 & 8 S (OPTE1119)
AHC, Auto Hight Control, flailhead 6-8S (OPTE1152)
LG Debris blower SC6-8S&P/ cw flowdiverter (OPTE1204)
AHC, Auto Hight Control, flailhead 6-8P (OPTE1209)
4-Punkt-mont. SC 6-8 Lower, Zugmaul (OPTE1156.4)
4-Punkt-mont. SC 6-8 Lower, Drawbar (OPTE1156.5)
4-Punkt-mont. SC 6-8 Lower, K80 (OPTE1156.8)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, K80 short (OPTE1161)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, K80 long (OPTE1161.1)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, toplink medio (OPTE1161.2)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, toplink, long (OPTE1161.3)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, Zugmaul, short (OPTE1161.4)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, Zugmaul, long (OPTE1161.5)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, Zugmaul, long (OPTE1161.6)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, K80, long (OPTE1161.7)
4-Point mount upper, SC 6-8, toplink, Short
Bio oil, SC 6&8, 220 l. (OPTE1155)
RotorFlex, double swivel joint w. auto vert. pos. SC 730S (OPTE1264
RotorFlex, double swivel joint w. auto vert. pos. SC 830S (OPTE1265)
Rotary Mulcher RM 232
Cut and pulverize in a single pass, with a working width of 2.3 m (7'7")
Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 162
Cut and chop in a single pass, with a working width of 1.6 m (5'3")
Quadsaw LRS 2002
Quadsaw with a working width of 2 m (6'7")
Quadsaw LRS 2402
Quadsaw with a working width of 2.4 m (7’10”)
Cutterbar HS 172 - 242
Used for hedge cutting and hedgerow maintenance. Cut branches up to 6 cm (2.36") in thickness
Cutterbar HX 170 - 270
Extremely powerful and effective finger bar hedge cutters
Flail Mower FR 122 & 162
Flail mower for tractor and digger. Working widths of 1.2 and 1.6 m (3'11" and 5'3")
Rotary Crusher GT 135 & 155
Designed for extreme conditions with tree stumps and rocks
Weed Clearing Brush BR 70 & 90
Effective cleaning of streets and roads
Rotary Ditch Cleaner GR 70
Cleans small ditches and streams
Rotary Rake KR 250
This rake can reach cut-off grass in slopes, waterbeds and streams
Grass Cutterbar S 165 - 240
Used for grass mowing in inaccessible areas
Leaf Blower LG
Remove leaves, grass and other debris from the road
9992730R-85S 9992730R-85S
Scorpion 730-8 S, rear mounted
9992730R-85P 9992730R-85P
Scorpion 730-8 PLUS, rear mounted
9992830R-85S 9992830R-85S
Scorpion 830-8 S, rear mounted
9992830R-85P 9992830R-85P
Scorpion 830-8 PLUS, rear mounted

The World’s Strongest Manufacturing Steel - Strenx 700

Strenx Steel is a collective name for all the high strength steel brands supplied by the Swedish Steel Group SSAB. It includes Optim, Weldox and Domex to name a few.

In June 2019, GreenTec became a certified user of Strenx Steel. It has cleared the way for more opportunities to manufacture new and competitive products in a lighter, stronger and environmentally friendly design.

All Scorpion boom mowers are manufactured in Strenx 700 steel and it optimizes the weight and strength ratio significantly.



Hybrid Arm System (Patented)


The Scorpion series has a Hybrid Arm System

The Scorpion models have an innovative arm control concept which provides new opportunities and advantages.

The brief explanation is that the Scorpion models can be controlled with or without parallel motion and you will achieve the best of both worlds on the same machine. The parallel motion takes place through a Master Slave System and is especially used for hedge trimming. The non-parallel motion shines in cramped conditions, such as forest roads and trails. It can also be particularly useful for grass mowing in slopes and ditches.

There is no need to acquire a telescopic extension for the arm due to the great flexibility of the Hybrid Arm System. The two outer arms on the reach mower are remarkably compact. With the use of the short inner arm, you can achieve the flexibility that a regular telescopic extension would give. It simplifies the construction of the machine and reduces the overall weight.

It is easy to disable or enable the use of the parallel motion through the control panel. The functionalities of the arm are controlled through a joystick.


Benefits from the Hybrid Arm System:


  • Increased flexibility
  • Greater capacity
  • Reduced weight
  • Satisfied customers



4-Point Mounting System (Patented)


Patented 4-point mounting system for Scorpion boom mowers


All Scorpions come with a patented 4-point mounting system.

Instead of the traditional three-point mounting, the Scorpion models have four mounting points on the mainframe.

The two lower points are connected to the tractor’s lift arms while the two upper points are attached to a triangular frame in the tractor’s top link bracket or a K80 ball hitch.

If the boom mower has a horizontal reach larger than 7 m (23’), the boom mower is stabilized with additional connections from the machine to the tractor’s drawbar or K80 ball hitch.

The 4-point mounting system is an incredibly easy solution and provides 100% stability between the boom mower and the tractor.



Forward reach with Rotor Flex


Forward reach with Rotor Flex


As a standard, the arm on the Scorpion models can be turned 155 degrees (55° forward and 100° back).


Rotor Flex is included on all Scorpion PLUS models and can puchased as optional equipment for the S models (except Scorpion 4 S).


With Rotor Flex, you can turn the cutting head up to 270° and adjust the cutting angle up to 180°.


Rotor Flex has a double pivot joint which enables you to move the cutting head forward, so it is in the driver’s natural field of vision.


The cutting head can also be moved behind the vehicle which is useful for verge mowing on small roads with oncoming traffic.


Rotor Flex automatically positions the vertical pivot joint correctly. It relieves the stress on the driver and is applied for hedgerow maintenance as the saw or cutter bar automatically is adjusted to cut vertically.



Auto Height Control (AHC) for Verge Mowing

The AHC is available as optional equipment for the Scorpion 6 and 8 series. It has been developed in close cooperation with Danfoss, the leading hydraulic specialist.

AHC is used for verge and ditch mowing. It ensures that the cutting head floats above the surface and does not mow into the ground by following the contours of the terrain. This is all done automatically. The driver does not need to maneuver the boom mower with the joystick.

AHC can be enabled from the cabin and the driver can concentrate on the traffic and potential obstacles in the way.

The fact that the cutting head floats above the ground contributes to far less stress on the device which results in fewer maintenance costs.

Benefits from the Auto Height Control:


  • Work relief for the driver
  • Increased road safety
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased capacity