Franz Lehner

Lehner Landtechnik – Professional in all ways


Lehner Agricultural Machinery from Weißkirchen near Wels, Austria is a partner dealer of the company Mauch. In the spring of this year – Franz Lehner was able to convince his customer, the municipality of Großraming, of a GreenTec Barrier Mower RI 80.


Since then, this simple front attachment has been helping to maintain the community’s extensive road network. From maintenance of road sides, hiking trails to mowing around traffic signs and fence poles, the GreenTec Barrier Mower is a true all-rounder. 

The RI 80 is mounted on a narrow lane Fendt and on a larger tractor too. Due to the simple three-point linkage, the change over is a breeze.


„Meanwhile, the barrier Mower is already over 150 hours in use and always pleases the workers through accurate clean and clear work. Especially for guardrail mowing this acquisition proves perfect “ reports Franz Lehner.

- Franz Lehner, Weißkirchen, Austria