Flail Mower FM 16 & 18 Park Hydraulic


Strong Arguments:

  • Double-spiral rotor
  • Rubber flap kit in front and back
  • 360° rotating wheels
  • Skids
  • Height adjustable


FM 16 and 18 Park have a working width of 1.6 and 1.8 m, respectivelyFlail mower FM 16 and 18 Park have a double-spiral rotorFlail mower FM 16 and 18 Park have a power requirement of 22 - 35 hpFlail mower FM 16 and 18 Park weigh 220 and 240 kg, respectively


Front mounted flail mowers for compact tractors and Municipal vehicle (Hydraulic)


Hydraulic Flail Mower FM Park is constructed particularly for front mounting on small compact tractors and Municipal vehicle.


The double-spiral rotor with special flails delivers a perfect work where the quality is on par with reel mowers. Perfect cutting result with a very low power requirement.


Technical data FM 16 FM 18
Working width  1.6 m 1.8 m
Transport width 1.8 m 2.0 m
Oil flow at 180 bar 32 l/min 40 l/min
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic
Weight 220 kg 240 kg



Standard Equipment
Double-Spiral rotor
Hydraulic drive
1000 or 2000 rpm PTO
1-3/8-6 splined


Standard Equipment
Duoble-spiral rotor
Hydraulic drive
2000 rpm PTO
1000 rpm PTO (free option)
1-3/8-6 splined

Optional Equipment
1" - 15 splined wide angle
Chain curtain

Brackets – click to enlarge the drawings
Holder tool carrier bracket
Schäffer skid steer loader bracket
Weidemann skid steer loader bracket
Kärcher tool carrier bracket
Kramer bracket
9990017 9990017
FM 16 Park Flailmower, Hydraulic
9990119 9990119
FM 18 Park Flailmower, Hydraulic