GreenTec presents THREE new Rotary Hedge Cutters

GreenTec presents THREE new Rotary Hedge Cutters

GreenTec A/S launches their new products the Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102, RC 132 and RC 162, a machine that cut and shred hedges and windbreaks.


The GreenTec Rotary Hedge Cutter RC performs three workflows in one operation. It cuts, shreds and dispose of the cut of material. The blade-system consists of 18 special hardened blades that ensure a clean and consistent cut of branches up to 40 mm in diameter.


The Rotary Hedge Cutter RC is a completely new developed machine with improvements based on the experience from the HC series, the earlier model. The major improvements include higher cutting frequency, Domex High Strength Steel and 360 degree moveable blades.


The Domex High Strength Steel causes not only a reduction in total weight but adds body strength. Other new features such as a support wheel and fine tuning of blade cutting angle adjustment can be mentioned.


Another great new feature the Rotary Hedge Cutter RC now fit the GreenTec Multi Carriers HXF. This way, it is now possible to use the RC series with mini loaders, front end loaders and telescopic handlers.  


The Rotary Hedge Cut RC Series is a top professional working tool for the discerning end user, that priorities top end cutting quality, efficiency and working environment.


New blade system with 6 overlapping, free swinging blades per rotor


This article was published on 21-06 2016

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