Scorpion boom mower wins a silver medal at Agritechnica

Scorpion boom mower wins a silver medal at Agritechnica

GreenTec has just won a silver medal at Agritechnica 2019 for developing a new series of boom mowers with highly innovative solutions. It is a new and groundbreaking product with features, such as a Hybrid Arm System, Auto Height Control and 4-Point Mounting System. Furthermore, the boom mowers are manufactured in Strenx special steel contributing to a lower weight and stronger construction.


GreenTec receives a silver medal from Agritechnica

It is the third time in the company's history that GreenTec receives an innovation silver medal at Agritechnica.


At this year’s Agritechnica, GreenTec presents 10 models of boom mowers with its brand-new Scorpion series. 


The machines have several extraordinary and innovative details, including the patent pending Hybrid Arm System which makes it easy to enable or disable the parallel motion of the arm.


John Christensen standing next to the newly developed boom mower

John Christensen and the GreenTec development team are proud of the result and happy for receiving the silver medal at Agritechnica.


The boom mowers can also regulate the cutting height automatically with the Auto Height Control. It is mainly used for verge mowing and ensures that the cutting head follows the contours of the ground and floats above the terrain. Thus, you avoid mowing into the ground and damaging the cutting head.


The Scorpion series is manufactured in Strenx 700 special steel which optimizes the weight and strength ratio of the machine.


Another notable feature is the 4-Point Mounting System (patent pending) which provides incredible stability. It is to quite simple and easy to mount through the 3-point hitch of the tractor.



10 new models of boom mowers


Boom mower suitable for verge mowing

The Scorpion is available in 10 models with horizontal reaches from 3.3 to 8.3 m (10’10” to 27’3”).


The new series of boom mowers contains 10 models with horizontal reaches from 3.3 to 8.3 m (10’10” to 27’3”).

The two smallest models with 3.3 and 4.3 m (10’10” and 14’1”) horizontal reaches are designed for smaller vehicles, such as compact tractors and skid steer loaders.

The four largest models with horizontal reaches of 5.3, 6.3, 7.3 and 8.3 m (17’5”, 20’8”, 23’11” and 27’3”) are available in two different editions: Standard and Plus.



Hybrid Arm System (Patent Pending)


Hybrid Arm System on the Scorpion boom mower

The Hybrid Arm System makes the work more efficient and gives the driver greater job satisfaction.


GreenTec has developed a new arm system which basically makes the arm operable with or without parallel motion.

You can enable or disable the parallel motion feature from the control panel of the machine.

The parallel motion is especially suitable for hedge trimming. For verge and ditch mowing in difficult conditions, it is better to disable the parallel motion.

The arm is characterized by a compact design which decreases the transport width.

The patent pending arm system provides many opportunities for the driver. It also makes the work more efficient and rewards the driver with greater job satisfaction.

The Hybrid Arm System is standard on all models in the Scorpion series.



My Inner Strenx


Strenx Steel is a collective name for all the high strength steel brands supplied by the Swedish Steel Group SSAB. It includes Optim, Weldox and Domex to name a few.

In June 2019, GreenTec became a certified user of Strenx Steel. It has cleared the way for more opportunities to manufacture new and competitive products in a lighter, stronger and environmentally friendly design.


All Scorpion boom mowers are manufactured in Strenx 700 steel and it optimizes the weight and strength ratio significantly.



4-Point Mounting System (Patent Pending)


A completely new mounting system gives great stability even at reaches of 8.3 m (27’3”).

Instead of the traditional three-point mounting, the Scorpion models have four mounting points on the mainframe.

The two lower points are connected to the tractor’s lift arms while the two upper points are attached to a triangular frame in the tractor’s top link bracket or a K80 ball hitch.

 If the boom mower has a horizontal reach larger than 7 m (23’), the boom mower is stabilized with additional connections from the machine to the tractor’s drawbar or K80 ball hitch.

The 4-point mounting system is an incredibly easy solution and provides 100% stability between the boom mower and the tractor.



Auto Height Control (AHC)


The AHC is available as optional equipment for the Scorpion 6 and 8 series. It has been developed in close cooperation with Danfoss, the leading hydraulic specialist.

AHC is used for verge and ditch mowing. It ensures that the cutting head floats above the surface and does not mow into the ground by following the contours of the terrain.

This is all done automatically. The driver does not need to maneuver the boom mower with the joystick.

AHC can be enabled from the cabin and the driver can concentrate on the traffic and potential obstacles in the way.

The fact that the cutting head floats above the ground contributes to far less stress on the device which results in fewer maintenance costs.  



GreenTec - Professional Machinery for Hedge Trimming and Roadside Maintenance


With the new Scorpion boom mower series, GreenTec sends a clear signal: All our machines must be manufactured in Denmark and it must be done in simple, functional and manufacture-friendly design.


“We want to offer our customers extremely robust and user-friendly machines with low energy consumption and excellent performance and output. We design machines to meet the challenges that professional farmers, contractors and municipalities face every day. GreenTec celebrates its 40th anniversary and has been working exclusive with machines for maintenance of green areas the last 30 years,” says John Christensen (Sales Director and Co-Owner of GreenTec).


GreenTec has manufactured boom mowers in Kolding, Denmark for 15 years. The new Scorpion series replaces the famous Flex series.


This article was published on 19-09 2019

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